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Aug 29, 2006 04:20 PM

Dinner in Mystic

will be in Mystic, CT tomorrow, any ideas
for non-touresty eats?

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  1. If you want fresh lobster and clams I recommend Abbotts. It's not in Mystic proper but just down the road in Noank. Not fancy, but excellent and a pretty good value. Search the web for Abbott's lobster in the rough. You'll need the driving instructions.

    1. I'd have to say Abbott's is about as touristy as it gets.

      1. Using that logic, every place in Mystic will be touristy. It is after all a touristy place.

        The food is still great.

        1. I see your point but I don't agree w/it. I found Abbott's EXCEPTIONALLY touristy.

          1. When we're in Mystic (our family lives there) we go to the Seahorse Restaurant in Groton for fine seafood.
            They're at 65 Marsh Rd. and if you put them on your computer you should be able to pull up their site or some good information about them.
            This place is right near the water and has a bar on one side that locals hang at and a restaurant(where we usually go) on the other side.
            They have great lobster thermidor,crab cakes and our kids love the huge salt water aquarium in the place.(so do I)
            Call first about their hrs.;we haven't been there since around Hannukah last yr.
            Their tel. # is 1-860-536-1670.
            Also Abbott's is a great place also.
            Abbott's is touristy but the food is very good and the location is fun as you watch the boats go by.
            Just don't turn your back on the Sea Gulls or they'll steal your food!!(been there,done that).