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Aug 29, 2006 03:59 PM

'witchGate '06 {WHERE'S THE MEAT?}

Has anyone else noticed that the sandwitches at 'Witchcraft have gone on a diet? I had the Salami sandwich from the Bryant Park "shack" today for lunch, and found the huge ciabatta filled with one––yes, that's right, one––slice of salami. Yes, it was a regular slice. just under 1mm thick. Radius of about 3in. One piece. For $9, I'm not asking for Stage Deli fillings, but for the love of god, that's just a crime. I've now looked into it and three friends have also confirmed the offenses. Anyone else fall victim to Sandwichgate 2k6?

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  1. Someone is going to tell you that "sandwiches are healthier that way." Just watch.

    1. healthier for their bottom line, perhaps?

      1. The sandwiches always looked small to me there, which is why I've never bought one. One I saw reminded me of the finger sandwiches one would see at "teas" made with watercress or cream cheese. I think it's another case of the emperor's new clothes over there.

        1. I love 'wichcraft. But.....2 weeks ago, I ordered their excellent
          BLT. I got an LT. ( they comped my next order )
          I can't imagine that it was intentional.

          1. I used to be crazy about the pork loin sandwich at 'Wichcraft with the red cabbage and jalapenos, but the last two times I've gotten it, the meat was very fatty (and I noticed that it's no longer listed as "pork loin" on the menu, but simply "pork"). I've stopped ordering it. The tuna and the marinated anchovies, however, seem the same as always.

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              this place is overrated to me, as is the chef
              great concept, never was great in execuion or creativity