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'witchGate '06 {WHERE'S THE MEAT?}

Has anyone else noticed that the sandwitches at 'Witchcraft have gone on a diet? I had the Salami sandwich from the Bryant Park "shack" today for lunch, and found the huge ciabatta filled with one––yes, that's right, one––slice of salami. Yes, it was a regular slice. just under 1mm thick. Radius of about 3in. One piece. For $9, I'm not asking for Stage Deli fillings, but for the love of god, that's just a crime. I've now looked into it and three friends have also confirmed the offenses. Anyone else fall victim to Sandwichgate 2k6?

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  1. Someone is going to tell you that "sandwiches are healthier that way." Just watch.

    1. healthier for their bottom line, perhaps?

      1. The sandwiches always looked small to me there, which is why I've never bought one. One I saw reminded me of the finger sandwiches one would see at "teas" made with watercress or cream cheese. I think it's another case of the emperor's new clothes over there.

        1. I love 'wichcraft. But.....2 weeks ago, I ordered their excellent
          BLT. I got an LT. ( they comped my next order )
          I can't imagine that it was intentional.

          1. I used to be crazy about the pork loin sandwich at 'Wichcraft with the red cabbage and jalapenos, but the last two times I've gotten it, the meat was very fatty (and I noticed that it's no longer listed as "pork loin" on the menu, but simply "pork"). I've stopped ordering it. The tuna and the marinated anchovies, however, seem the same as always.

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              this place is overrated to me, as is the chef
              great concept, never was great in execuion or creativity

            2. One opened up downstairs from me on 8th street. Enjoyed the novelty at first but agree that you can do much better for much cheaper. For example, the sandwiches at Despana on Broome are infinitely superior, interesting and cheaper.

              1. Holy cow, and I was just getting ready to try this place. Say it ain't so.

                1. Overall I like Wichcraft. I love the fact that you can order online and have it waiting for you any time of day. My favorite sandwiches are the two pork ones and the meatloaf, so far. The goat cheese/avocado had too much lemon and needed something to give it some oomph. The tuna also had too much lemon, not a good balance, when I had it. But I'd still rather eat that than most sandwiches available in midtown. Give it a try Prunefeet. I recommend the slow-roasted pork for your first experience.

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                    I agree. I also like the pork options and the fontina mushroom and the egg,bacon gorgonzola. But the pork sandwiches are double the price of any half decent cubano to be found in the city which I prefer. I also had the gorgonzola, apple, honey sandwich and chicken avocado from the original Bread on Spring street last night which although the same price as Wichcraft are vastly superior and come with a small salad.

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                      I like cubanos, but I don't know how you can compare them to Wichcraft sandwiches. Everything's different: meat, condiments, bread, flavor.

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                        roast pork, coppa, fontina, pickle relish pressed in a grill=yuppie cubano. That's my point though. Somehow the flavors don't meld like a real cubano for me.

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                      Thanks Peter, I may just do that. I too am attracted to the ordering online aspect.

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                        I actually like the over the top lemony flavor of the tuna, gives it a little edge. It is decent sized.

                      2. My favorite is the poached egg and white anchovy sandwich. I've yet to find anything like it. This would be a good sandwich to order online, as it does take a little while to prepare.
                        Every now and then I have mad cravings for a tuna sandwich and I go straight to 'wichcraft. I actually like the thin slices of lemon.

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                          I like the lemon, just felt it was out of balance the time I had it.

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                            Forgot to mention that the desserts are very good as well.

                        2. I've eaten twice at the 8th Ave/B'way shop and had the chicken salad 'wich - filled to overflowing with chunks of chicken, walnuts, roasted tomatoes, pickled red onions & frisée. Great sandwich for sure.

                          But the best sandwich in Noho/NYU area? It's Bite - in the little triangle at Bleecker and Lafayette - they have a "Middle Eastern" turkey sandwich on ciabatta - smoked turkey, wild greens and hummus -fantatstic.

                          1. i happen to think their roast beef with red cabbage salad is unbelievable. nice hot roast beef and the cabbage is delicious. plus eating outside in bryant park is nice. besides the sandwiches, the cauliflower soup with chili oil (i think) is fantastic but i thought that chicken noodle with bacon was too heavy.

                            1. "Has anyone else noticed that the sandwitches at 'Witchcraft have gone on a diet?"

                              Which is why I only get the fried egg-bagon-gorgonzola-frisee on ciabatta. You can't slice it thin with an egg.

                              1. OK-

                                Meat 2k --I stopped into wichcraft the other day and inquired about the meat thing while I picked up a cappucino. The deal is that you can order extra meat at any wichcraft free of charge--- that is right all the extra meat is free---there is never an upcharge and all you have to do is ask

                                can I have extra pastrami on that sandwich

                                -can I have some extra turkey or bacon

                                -I was told that it has always been this way and that there are never charges for modifications to sandwiches so go ahead and ask for that extra meat ---It's on Tom.

                                Fried Snickers Bar

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                                  I appreciate their secret generousity, but, really, who knew to ask before reading this thread? Why don't they just make a sandwich that doesn't look like a tea sandwich and maybe I wouldn't have fled the first time I cased the place and saw what they were putting out.