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Aug 29, 2006 03:59 PM

Quiet, original, lengthy, not too-too pricey birthday dinner

I'm looking for something different to give a whirl for my boyfriend's birthday coming up at the end of September. My price range is somewhat flexible though I'm not looking to spend too lavishly-maybe $200? Neighborhood doesn't matter. I'd rather it not be Asian food otherwise, I'm completely open.

Ideas, fellow Hounders?

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  1. how's about...

    out of the way...alphabet city...pretty close to perfect on price point...can attest to the food being very, very good...nice wine list...feels like an excellent neighborhood italian bistro (i know i am mixing countries here, but nonetheless


    maybe one of the reportedly excellent brooklyn digs:

    saul (carroll gardens)
    the grocery (caroll gardens)
    al di la (park slope)
    garden cafe (prospect heights)

    annisa? (might be a bit over the ole budget)

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    1. re: leesca

      The food at Lavagna is very good but it does not meet the OP's criteria for quiet, it can be pretty noisy. In addition, at most of the tables you are practically sitting with your neighbors.

      The Orchard, which has been positively reviewed here recently, and which I ate at last night, would be a good choice. Great looking room, tables well spaced, delicious/creative dishes and under $200 with tip. (even when they get their liquor license) 162 Orchard Street.

    2. Maybe:

      -- La Luncheonette...cozy bistro on 10th Ave/18th could get 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, dessert, and a nice wine there and still be well under 200 dollars...

      1. Perhaps Telepan? They have a $55 4 course meal, which seems to be a great deal. I had brunch there recently and thought the food was really great.

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        1. re: DaveS

          Telepan looks wonderful and interesting - pretty good reviews on this board - not tried it yet. Also am a fan of Annisa.

        2. eleven madison park has a prix fixe dinner for $68pp.