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Aug 29, 2006 03:58 PM

caja china accessory

We had a successful Caja China pig roast last year and are planning another soon. I visited the web site

and found some changes: the instructions now have very clear photo illustrations for each step, there's a nice salsa audio track, AND they now offer a battery-powered spit so you can roast a whole animal above the coals rather than (or maybe even at the same time as?) inside the roasting box. I had been thinking about doing a whole lamb or kid but was concerned it wouldn't fit inside the box; the spit (which I've ordered) should solve this problem.

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  1. But doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of the enclosed box? I use a spit on my weber all the time - that's just open air roasting. I have never had a caja china pig, but have always wanted to, because of the uniqueness of the method. Roasted pig, and whole roasted kid, I've had.

    1. I don't have a barbecue, so this gadget gives me a way to adapt the Caja for spit-roasting. And I don't see any reason why I couldn't use the spit at the same time as roasting another whole carcass inside the box. I definitely plan to use the box for the next pig roast but for a longer-bodied animal, like a kid, I think the spit should be a good add-on.

      1. I'm looking forward to hearing how the spit works out, especially with whole animals. It looks maybe a little lightweight (and runs on batteries?) to handle anything too big, but I'm hoping that my concerns are unfounded. What a beautiful invention this box is!

        1. Oh, the spit goes above the top coals? That makes sense. There's no reason you couldn't have more critters in the box at the same time, except you'd have to remove the spit when it came time to turn the frame in the box.

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            Yes, which looks tricky. Once the gadget arrives and I've figured out the instructions for attaching it, I'll be better able to judge whether lifting it off to turn the box contents is a reasonable possibility. Even if it isn't, I like the spit idea; it's only $70 plus shipping, and the caja itself, and the coal tray on top, is certainly long enough to roast a whole lamb or kid above. I'll post when I get the spit attachment, though I probably won't use it until Spring.