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Aug 28, 2006 08:00 PM

Boston Magazine's Best of Boston [moved from Boston]

My one time there (at the one in the Financial District) wasn't a bad experience, and the people I know who work across the street at VZ like the place a lot. But Boston Magazine really said "best fast eats"? Egads.

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  1. That list is notoriously pay-for-play, if you get my meaning.

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      Any facts to back that up, Barmy? Statistics? News reports?

      1. re: bugmenot3

        The fact that they have consistently shitty picks that can't possibly have any basis in objective judgement?

        1. re: tamerlanenj

          And again I say, give me examples. In this case Boloco was mentioned as a Best "Quick Bites" in Back Bay. I've never had the bad experience there like the original poster, so to me it's a perfectly reasonable choice. Where else are you going to get decent quick food in Back Bay - Sonsie? Burger King?

          1. re: bugmenot3

            I dont know about Burger King, but I'd definitely take Wendy's over Boloco any day.

            Anyhow, quick eats places better than Boloco: Newbury Pizza, DeLuca, Upper Crust, Parish Cafe, Gourmet India, Qdoba (yes),

        2. re: bugmenot3

          I only have anecdotal evidence, but that list is historically full of groaners. Two examples from 2005: the Village Smokehouse for Best Barbecue. That place is easily one of the worst so-called "barbecue" places in town. Burning a finishing sauce onto grilled meats that haven't seen any slow-smoke cooking is (arguably) not very tasty, and is (inarguably) not barbecue. Another is Joe V's for Best Neighborhood Restaurant (South End); I find the food at that place, beyond the merely okay pizza, to be gross, never mind the persistent obnoxious behavior the owner displays to his abutters. Neighborhood restaurants should be neighborly.

          You don't need a tinfoil hat to suspect a connection between advertising and winning "Best of" awards in this book: just Occam's Razor.

      2. Sorry, 'Quick Bites', it was on a page where it compared 'Bests' of each neighborhood.

        I had just read this thread and then when I saw the mag, made me laugh. And they singled out the Newbury Street location specifically.

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        1. re: cvb

          That is funny. I have eaten at both Financial District locations, the Harvard Square location, and the Newbury St location, and I do recall that the Newbury St location was noticably weaker than the others!

        2. Rather than strict pay-for-play, it is clearly lowest-common-deominator boosterish. Never worth a cent to buy or read (my previous sentence arises from wasted time in the past; you can sit down in B&N and read it to confirm that the current edition follows in the baleful tradition of its predecessors...).