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Aug 29, 2006 03:54 PM


So hubby & I are going to cheat on John Lee and try Japango. We love Omi, but after all the raves about this place we felt we should give it a try. Any rec's for what to have or can we trust them to omakase as expertly as John Lee does?

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  1. Oh-ma-gaud! I love this place so much, my hubby and I have our own set of chopsticks there. As you will see, lined up on the back of the sushi bar are these wooden boxes that hold chopsticks for regular customers. Bruce the owner told us that in order to receive this honour, it's not so much the number of times a person goes there, but more the committment...I am committed for sure! I do reco the omakase, but I have to also reco the oyster shooter. We have one each time we are there :o)

    Please tell Bruce and Osamu that Cleo and Jay say hi and we'll see them this week!

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      Oh my gosh, I have been looking for Japanese-style oyster shooters ever since I had phenomenal ones at Ezard's in Melbourne years ago! Could you please describe the taste?

      1. re: peppermint pate

        such a beautiful mix of flavours. In one gulp you take a raw quail egg, raw oyster, sea urchin, ponzu, tobiko and green onion. As you slowly mix the flavours in our mounth at times you'll taste the sweetness of the egg yolk, then the grassiness of the oyster, followed by the creamy sweetness of the sea urchin, at some point the sweet turns a touch salty, usually it's the ponzu, but maybe it's the oyster depending where it's from...but to top it all off once and a while as you're swishing and slowly chewing, you'll feel a pop here and there as the tobiko gets into play....ahhhh, my mouth is watering....
        I usually have the shooter at the end of my meal just to top it off. Yes, I am decadent!

        1. re: TOfoodie

          Oh my, I am drooling on my keyboard...:)

          1. re: TOfoodie

            What a heavenly description! I'm going to go there for sure in the next few days! It sounds totally different to the oyster shooter at Ezard which only contained an oyster, mirin, and some other sauces/spices which I wish I could duplicate at home. But the Japango one sounds incredible! How much does it cost?

            1. re: Food Tourist

              Enjoyed an excellent Valentine's Day meal at Japango, complete with $7 oyster-uni-quail egg shooters, and a fabulous $26 deluxe sashimi platter along with delicious spicy scallop rolls, unagi-avocado rolls, and salmon-avocado rolls. They seem to love blowtorching certain fish, which suits most except the salmon. We had a last-minute reservation at 5:30 and the place was half-full all evening despite being fully-booked (the snow must have enticed people to stay home and cuddle). I found the table/chair set up quite cramped (I had no place to put my knees and people had to bump my chair to get by) but it's definitely a Chow destination. My companion liked it much better than Hiro in terms of value for money. We were full for $88 including tip.

              1. re: Food Tourist

                Had an excellent sashimi deluxe (price is now $29) a couple of Friday evenings ago. Although several pieces are lightly seared, and some pieces are quite small, it still hit the spot. However, the $7 oyster-quail egg shooter was significantly smaller and appeared to be missing the uni. I was so disappointed. On the bright side, my eggplant-hating friend actually enjoyed my eggplant dish. I spent about $50. I would return again. Driving to Kumai is just too far some days.

            2. re: TOfoodie

              I can't remember but it's probably $10 each and no way is over $15 each. My little write up has made me want one, so maybe I'll make my way there after work ....

        2. I wonder if it's OK to have Omakase for one, while my campanion orders from the menu?

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          1. re: Teep

            That should be fine. But it's always more enjoyable to share the dining experience with others that share your love of food...

            1. re: TOfoodie

              Unfortunately my "campanion" (duh) does not share my love of raw fish...

              1. re: Teep

                You should still be fine :o) Enjoy yourself....
                Also note that the resto seats about's a tiny place

                1. re: TOfoodie

                  I too have my own chopsticks hanging on the wall, and I echo TOfoodies will love Japango. Bruce makes a tuna tartar that is just great!

          2. I will definitely send your regards TOFoodie. Thanks to you & all.

            One more question: How's the wine list? Is it Yellow Tail territory or more creative than that? I know sake is more appropriate, but hubby & I are wine lovers.

            1. Actually I have read on that sake is not ideal for sushi, as sake is made from rice, and sushi has rice, so it's like having toast with your sandwich. Beer and tea are more appropriate. Of course it's fine with sashimi. (Doesn't make total sense to me either!)

              BTW, have you seen this hilarious send off of sushi eating in Japan. Note - everything in the video is a joke! or at least exaggerate ten times normal behaviour!


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              1. re: Teep

                First of all THAT video is SO funny...maa maa maa...oh toh toh. HA HA HA!

                Second, I want to have chopsticks at Japango!

                1. re: oishi

                  Like I mentioned above, if the owner sees that you have a true love and committment to Japango, you too will have the honour of your own chopsticks with your name on it.

                  As for the wine, they have a nice selection of plum wines there. I've never had anything other than Japanese beer, sake or plum wine, so I can't help you there.

              2. Wonderful little restaurant. great sushi. butterfish is to die for. although little, never had to wait too long which probably reflects its location.