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Aug 29, 2006 03:13 PM

Gift ideas for boyfriend's foodie mom

I'm meeting my boyfriend's mother this weekend, and I would like to bring a palate pleasing gift for her. It needs to be something under $50, transportable by plane (i.e., something that won't be crushed during the security checkpoint), and very tasty, prefereably sweet. She often orders treats online, so I would like to bring something only available if you're in New York.

Any help would be wonderful!

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  1. Though not sweet, I often bring assortments of cheese to people out of town. If you go to Murray's they can pack it in a beautiful wooden box and then add ice packs to keep it cool. Now that I think about it, you might want to check and make sure all this stuff can be brought onto the plane! You also could put together a gift pack from a great chocolate place like Torres. Enjoy your visit!


    1. A box of Kee's handmade chocolates plus a tin of hot chocolate from MarieBelle along with homemade chocolate covered marshmallows (you can get some at Baked in Brooklyn, but I believe Jacques Torres might have it too).

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        I gave a box of Kee's chocolates as a hostess gift recently, and they were very well received. I think the favorites were the key lime and the black sesame flavors. Some of the larger, round pieces (like pistachio, I think) can get kind of smooshed in the box, so ask which pieces will travel the best when you're making your selections.

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          At the risk of beating this recommendation to death: I'm also a big fan of Kee's chocolates, and, giftwise, will bring them anywhere I can ensure an undamaged delivery.

      2. i debated this recently, and decided on honey from the sullivan street bakery.

        the little pie company does ship their pies in elaborate packaging with cold packs and foam and things, but when i called them, they said that they don't do that in their shops, and only for mail order.

        kee's chocolates are excellent and frequently raved about in this context on this board

        1. I think Manhattan Fruitier has some great gift ideas. They sell everything from sweets to organic fruit baskets, and they pack everything to please.

          1. Whatever you do, be *certain* you can carry it on, or check it (something like honey would be easy to wrap up and put in your suitcase I suppose). A friend of mine was travelling with homemade jam as a gift and was made to TASTE IT at security. Of course, it became instantly un-giftworthy.