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flying with bbq sauce

does anyone have some advice about how I can transport BBQ sauce home from my trip this weekend to that hotbed of terrorism North Carolina? I hate to think of the baggage handlers at JFK beating the daylights out of my checked bag, glass breaking and my special BBQ sauce bursting out of its ziplock. Also, I like to buy from small producers that don’t use all the martyr-proof shrink-wrapping and official seals on the bottles. Liz

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    1. Lately in my travels, I've been shipping things back home. I'll go to a local post office or Pakmail type of place and ship it home. The airports are out of control now, and things can change with the blink of an eye.

      1. Label it yourself, wrap it carefully as you would if there were no regulations, and put it in checked baggage.

        1. Tape the lid, put into a leakproof ziplock bag and wrap in bubble wrap. It should be fine in your checked luggage.

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            I just carried two one-quart bottles of mint syrup to Guatemala and did just that. Taped the lids, double bagged (one up, one down) each bottle in plastic baggies, wrapped each in bubble wrap, and put them in the middle of my checked baggage surrounded by soft stuff. The baggage handlers in Guate are notoriously tough on luggage, but the syrup came through fine.

          2. I've been thinking about getting something like this for such an occassion.. but I think I might need something bigger. My bag got searched several times when I flew back from virginia with a smithfield ham in my suitcase. I'd rather leave my suitcase for my dirty clothes.. and put my perishables in a separate, insulated bag.


            1. I routinely pack everything in zip-lock type bags. All of my clothing, shoes, everything! It makes finding your stuff easier, shirts in one bag, sweaters in another, underwear etc. each in their own bag and it protects from spills and leakages. I began to do this after a flight back from Grenada (the island, not Spain) and someone's liquid oily vitamins exploded or something and leaked into our luggage. I was forever getting the nasty smell and oil our of our clothes. I am sure that will work for your bbq sauce too. Tape the bottles shut if they are not sealed and bag it in a sealable plastic bag. The only drawback with the bags is that after squeezing the air out and zipping the bags closed, it allows me to take more than I need with me. It can get heavy!

              1. or if space in your luggage allows buy a square tupperware container, wrap the bbq sauce bottles in newspaper and close the tupperware. Leak proof and crush proof and now you have another tupperware for leftovers. As a NC native , whose sauce are you taking home?
                My worst experience was flying back from Pebble Beach (side trip to Gilroy, Ca, garlic capitol of Ca. and some say the world) when a huge bottle of pickled garlic broke in my hard case golf bag. And I thought my game stunk before.......

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                  tupperware & bubble wrap, brilliant! I’ll pack my clothes in tupperware in the 1st place to be all ready. I like Wilburs but will not be at the beach, will be in the mountains so maybe some Ridgewoods. I’m just going to get something local that looks promising, if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear. I go for Florida/KC/TX style, something simultaneously sweet, spicy and smoky –this should be findable in the south, don’t you think? FYI one new york brand I like is from Oscars Smokehouse in the Adirondacks (Warrensburg), the orange bbq sauce is fabulous! Liz

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                    I am a western NC native but love eastern NC vinegar/pepper sauces.
                    Scott's is my personal favorite and it is available in some grocery stores in NC. Warning - it is thin and hot.
                    I can't suggest any thick, sweet sauces!
                    Enjoy our mountains- I will be up there too!

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                      I love Scott's too. I worked in a kitchen shop here in Indiana and we used to carry it in the store (my insistance) everytime we would call to order more they wanted to know if we wanted take out, no please send us 2 cases of sauce please. People who were counting calories and sugars loved it since it was practiaclly a free condiment for their food. Scott's did make a sweeter style for awhile, I think they called it Backyard BBQ Sauce. It seems to have disappeard.

                2. My wife just brought back 2 six packs and a bomber of beer from Denver to Boston. She wrapped each bottle in a piece of clothing, and put it all in a giant ziplock in between her other clothes. Not one bottle was broken. Breckenridge IPA and Vanilla Porter...woo hoo!!!