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Aug 29, 2006 02:33 PM

flying with bbq sauce

does anyone have some advice about how I can transport BBQ sauce home from my trip this weekend to that hotbed of terrorism North Carolina? I hate to think of the baggage handlers at JFK beating the daylights out of my checked bag, glass breaking and my special BBQ sauce bursting out of its ziplock. Also, I like to buy from small producers that don’t use all the martyr-proof shrink-wrapping and official seals on the bottles. Liz

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    1. Lately in my travels, I've been shipping things back home. I'll go to a local post office or Pakmail type of place and ship it home. The airports are out of control now, and things can change with the blink of an eye.

      1. Label it yourself, wrap it carefully as you would if there were no regulations, and put it in checked baggage.

        1. Tape the lid, put into a leakproof ziplock bag and wrap in bubble wrap. It should be fine in your checked luggage.

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            I just carried two one-quart bottles of mint syrup to Guatemala and did just that. Taped the lids, double bagged (one up, one down) each bottle in plastic baggies, wrapped each in bubble wrap, and put them in the middle of my checked baggage surrounded by soft stuff. The baggage handlers in Guate are notoriously tough on luggage, but the syrup came through fine.

          2. I've been thinking about getting something like this for such an occassion.. but I think I might need something bigger. My bag got searched several times when I flew back from virginia with a smithfield ham in my suitcase. I'd rather leave my suitcase for my dirty clothes.. and put my perishables in a separate, insulated bag.