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Aug 29, 2006 02:32 PM

Friday night dinner near GW campus Washington dc

Im going to the Lisa Lampanelli show friday night at the auditorium on the GW campus. Whats a good place to go out to eat with a lady friend, thats fairly close by or close to a metro stop not too far away? I dont really care what type of food, just looking for something delicious and chow worthy, perhaps a local fav. Im lookin for something nice, but not ridiculous...price should be reasonable. Nothing to "ethnic" though, shes not a big fan of food shes never heard of. yeah pathetic and very anti-chow hound i know but hey what are ya gonna do? oh yea, Tapas are okay however, got her into that. Good drinks/drink specials would be a great plus. looking for any and all suggestions (not just tapas by any means) Gracias amigos

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  1. Within a couple of blocks walk, I would consider Notti Bianche, Circle Bistro, and Kinkead's.

    1. Sit outside at Galileo (21st above L)and go for the Osteria (tavern) menu.

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        This is kind of odd but how long does the typical meal at Kinkeads last? i have a show to catch and im not sure what time i should get reservations for?

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          You can sit in the bar area instead of the main room, and dine for as short or long as you want. NB and CB are very sensitive to pre-theater dining, and will recommend a reservation time to match.

      2. Down on K street, between 20th and 21st, you have Prime rib, which is a little more expensive but has great cuts of meat. Also, a dress code, but it is a place to impress.

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          But I would not recommend Prime Rib for pre-theater dining - they are NOT fast.