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Aug 29, 2006 01:47 PM

Gelato in Sicily

I am going to be in Sicily next week (the Southeast for the most part) and would like to know if anybody has found gelato that truely blew them away.

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  1. Anywhere! Sicilians introduced the French to it.

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    1. re: Marco

      ..and the arabs introduced it to the sicilians!

      1. re: mielimato

        The snow of Mt. Etna provided lots of sorbets, ices and gelato-making coldness. The snow was so valuable that once a ship filled with snow on its way to Malta was captured by an ice cream hungry mob in Siracusa because their supply had run out. Sicily's old parliament was nicknamed the "ice cream parliament" because the barons were more concerned with eating frozen treats than acting.

        1. re: mielimato

          Yes, you're right. They contributed much to the cuisine and culture of the island. After all, Trapani is only 90 miles from Cap Bon, Tunisia.

      2. I noticed in Sicily that the gelato tends to be denser than Roman and Northern gelato, closer in texture to American ice cream.

        I could never bring myself to eat gelato on a brioche first thing in the morning.

        1. When in Palermo, the office workers' breakfast was just that. I took mine neat in a cup. I've had gelato in Roma, Amalfi and all over Sicily. I would take Sicilian gelato over all these hands down. I never had medicocre gelato anywhere in Sicily on my 5 visits all over the island, including the Aeolian islands

          1. In Catania after an evening at the opera, the gelato at I Puritani at Piazza V. Bellini, 8/9 is amazing. I was there last in February when I noticed that all of the flavors featured chocolates or nuts - the only fruit flavor was banana. They replied that they would not have fruit flavors at that time of the year. The nut flavors - mandorla and nocciola - were warm and toasty as well as cold and creamy.

            While you're looking for sweets, also try Nonna Vicenza and Truglio in Catania.

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            1. re: Lacorsa

              Catania is the only place in Europe where bananas ripen. In February the fruit is not fresh, so they don't use it. They could use frozen but don't. This is why the gelato is what it is, at least the fruit flavors.

              1. re: Marco

                Interesting about the bananas! The fact that I Puritani uses only fresh fruit in season is what I found so appealing - and the taste of the nut gelato more than made up for the lack of fruit choices.

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                  If I read any more posts about Sicilian gelato, I'll be looking at flights.

                  1. re: Marco

                    I'm lucky - I'm going tomorrow! Have any more suggestions for gelato or anything in Modica besides the chocolate and latte di mandorle?

            2. Il Gelato Divino in Ragusa is terrific.