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Wheat-Free Breakfast Ideas?

I've been put on a wheat-free diet and for the life of me, can't think of any good breakfast ideas, save for fruit and cottage cheese. Eggs, of course are good, but I can't eat them every day. What might be other good options? REcommendations for good wheat-free breads or cereals appreciated too.

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  1. Oatmeal. Now that the weather is cooling down, we'll be having oats for breakfast again. We like oat groats, cooked in the slow cooker overnight, but rolled oats or steel-cut are also good.

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      Along the same lines as oatmeal, you might experiment with other grains for hot breakfast cereals. I like quinoa and amaranth (not together, though.) I usually throw them into my rice cooker in the morning with some berries or apple slices and some cinnamon or something, so by the time I'm done showering, breakfast is ready.


    2. Smoothies while it's warm enough to drink iced beverages for breakfast.

      Personally, I like dinner leftovers for breakfast.

      Cream of rice isn't for everyone, but might be fun for a change for you.

      Yogurt and honey with wheat free versions of granola, muesli, fresh fruit, dried fruit, or nuts.

      1. yogurt and fruit
        smoothie with yogurt and fruit and maybe some protein powder
        or with silken tofu instead of the yogurt

        1. I do vegan chili and a salad along with fruit such as grapes or kiwis. If chili isn't available then I do oatmeal mixed with frozen blueberries (no sugar added) cinnamon, ginger powder and some whole milk,

          1. Refried beans (I used canned, fat-free), salsa, and a blob of plain yogurt or sour cream. Melted cheese on the beans if you want. Can roll in a corn tortilla for a change.

            1. My first thought was buckwheat pancakes, which then opens you up to all sorts of alternative 'flours' like brown rice, potato and millet flours. Your local health food store probably has the whole line of Bob's Red Mill alternative grains and flours, so that you can make the same things you are used to -- breads, muffins, waffles -- using non-wheat gluten free products.

              1. Is it wheat free only (barley, etc OK?). Also, are regular oats OK for you (some wheat or gluten sensitive folks cannot have US oats because of cross-contamination). There are a bunch of cereals out there that are gluten-free (and therefore wheat free) and even more that are just wheat free. I like Mesa Sunrise, which is gluten-free, McCann's Irish Oats, which is considered safe for wheat intolerant folks, and cream of rice cereal (but it is always SOOOO messy when I try to make it, I don't often). Yogurt with fruit and nuts makes a good breakfast. I eat Van's gluten free waffles and they make a wheat free version with barley that I am sure is better. You can find them at a LOT of stores. If you have a Trader Joe's nearby they stock them, and Whole Foods stocks a ton of stuff. Buckwheat is also not wheat, so you can eat buckwheat breakfast foods if no additional wheat is added. Not breakfast, but for pasta, I Tinkyada the best. Kinnickinnick (online, not sure if I spelled it right) has decent wheat free things (good brownies and if you ever find yourself at Disneyland this brand is what they serve). I have had the most luck just baking on my own. To begin with I used premade mixes, like gluten-free pantry, then I used premixed GF flour, then I bought a cookbook like the Bette Hagman or Carol Fenster books that helped.

                BUT if only wheat is a problem, talk to your doctor about wheat substitutes like barley, triticale, kamut, etc. that may open a ton more options to you.

                One more thing, most gluten free baked products taste best right out of the oven, or warmed/toasted and needs to be stored in the fridge.

                1. So many options!

                  Muesli and/or granloa, with your favourite toppings: most healthfood stores will carry wheat-free varieties, or you can make your own by combineing non-wheat ingredients and either using raw or toasting them (e.g. spelt flakes, spelt bran, oat flaks, rye flakes, puffed quinoa, etc).

                  Wheat-free bread. Personally, I like a 100% rye (dark, eastern european style, but most health food stores (and larger grocery stores) will carry a variety, some (especially spelt-based breads) of which will have the lighter texture of wheat-based bread if that is what you prefer.

                  Eggs - in an omelette with your favourite toppings, or spanish style tortilla with potatoes, or poached with spinach, etc, etc.

                  Oatmeal, Oat bran, etc (already suggested above).

                  Leftover rice, warmed with your choice of milk cinnamon, raisins (kind of like oatmeal, or a less-sweet rice-pudding).

                  1. You can get spelt bread or bagels in most health food stores. Also Mestemacher breads are pretty good: http://www.germandeli.com/mebr.html. Many stores carry them including Whole Foods.

                    My basic breakfast staple is Fage Total greek yogurt with either fruit or granola.

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                      As Kishari says below, be careful with spelt....it can cause reactions in people who are avoiding wheat, as spelt is an ancient form of wheat.


                    2. Cornmeal mush (AKA polenta). Surprisingly good with butter and maple syrup, or go savory with some grated cheese.

                      Grits, of course! Also good with cheese.

                      1. Not necessarily a breakfast item, but I still think it would be good for breakfast, is this walnut cake recipe I posted a while back. (I think it would be coffee cake like.) Here's the thread with petradish's results from the recipe; the recipe is also linked in that thread. There's also another wheat-free cake recipe from Kate in that thread.

                        1. Grits are your friend. Embrace them.
                          Cornbread, with or without add-ins.

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                            And get good grits not the instant stuff. Speckled heart whole grain grits. You will need to keep them in the freezer but they are so good. Cold left over grits or grits made and poured into a dish and left to set on purpose fry up beautifully with a bit of butter and turn a woundrful crusty golden brown. Grits is good!

                            My mom used to occasionally feed us rice for breakfast. We could dress it up anyway we pleased, sort of like a quick free form rice pudding. We always thought it a great treat. I think brown rice for breakfast would be nice with the rich nutty flavor.

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                              Soy grits are great with cinnamon and sweetener, or parmesan and butter... high in protein and fiber.

                            2. Oh, and tofu with veggies scramble makes a good breakfast.


                              1. To echo previous posters, are you only restricted from eating wheat or all gluten-containing foods (oats, barley, rye)?

                                There are some terrific wheat free/gluten free products available if you feel you can't live without bagels, muffins or toast for breakfast, my current favorite is from Miss Roben. www.missroben.com. You can also check out the blog of www.glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com for links to other non-wheat sites.

                                I am allergic to wheat (among many other things) and find breakfast the most challenging meal of the day, especially when traveling. I too eat lots of eggs, protein (leftover steak and roast), along with grits, polenta and fruit.

                                If you are allergic to wheat, be careful with spelt and kamut. They are heirloom wheats, which some wheat-intolerant people can handle, but if you're allergic then avoid. Buckwheat is tough to work with, I just tried making my own soba noodles the other day, you can see the not-so-attractive results. Good luck.


                                1. Hi....I too am trying to minimize wheat in the diet.

                                  Oatmeal is my # one stand-by. It is easy on the stomach, healthy with lots of fibre, and can be eaten in a variety of ways.

                                  Also, if you go to a healthstore, or supermarket with an organic/healthy section, you would be suprised how many cereals are made wheat-free.....Some that are decent are corn pop type cereals, and rice cereals (similar to rice krispies), they even have wheat-free granolas.
                                  More and more people are avoiding wheat and it seems manufacturerers are taking notice of the ever-growing market. There are alot of good products out there, so its up to you and your tastes.

                                  1. I love soup for breakfast, esp. miso soup.

                                    You can do vegetable pancakes, like latkes, if you replace the wheat flour with potato flour.

                                    Also, corn tortillas to make breakfast quesadillas or tacos.

                                    I sometimes like to have a baked sweet potato with applesauce for breakfast.

                                    Yogurt-fruit parfaits.

                                    Apple slices with peanut butter.

                                    1. I love that you asked this question and that so many people have so many great suggestions!

                                      Ok some of my top wheat free tips are- make you're own hash browns. They are so quick and easy, so so cheap, and you can make loads and store them and have them with lunch or dinner too.

                                      You grate potato- you literally only need about a 6th of a potato per hash brown, and two's plenty for brek. Then mix either with a little bit of beaten egg this makes a much better looking hash brown but I too end up eating a helluva lot of egg on a wheat free diet so it can be nice to give it a break!

                                      If you want to do egg free mix with a tiny bit of butter a splash of water and a teaspoon of rice flour to help it stay together. take a handful of the mix squish it into a round ball squeeze out water if you're doing egg free version, then pop into a hot lightly oiled pan, use a flat spatula to flatten and lightly fry them for a few minutes either side. Add salt and pepper to taste. easy!

                                      Easy and fun you can really mix it up try your own recipe versions of this I like to put a bit of onion and cayenne pepper into the mixture and grating cheese ontop of it while its frying , but the possibilites are endless I just mix in different things depending on what I've got. Grating a bit of courgette and/ or carrot into the mix is also great, or using sweet potato instead of normal potato is delish

                                      Serve up with beans/ baked beans/ bacon/ tuna/ garlic spinach/ mushrooms/ all of the above. guacamole/ salsa/ eggs/ cheese/ grilled toms/ all of the above. Yum.

                                      And I agree with the person who wrote back to you at the bottom of the page about making pancakes. They're so easy. Its all about the rice flour, its so cheap and easy to make anything out of it. I've found that wheat free pancakes are also GREAT to store, I make whole batches, keep then in the fridge and then use them like a mexican wrap to make quick lunches and snacks. Enjoy!