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Aug 29, 2006 01:44 PM

Drinks after DiFara's

so..... I'm coming to New York for the weekend with my boyfriend, who is Spanish and has never been to the US, and mostly with the help of this site have figured out where to eat... at any rate, astounded by the amount of reports on DiFaros pizza I've decided to take him there, but am wondering where to go afterwards for drinks in Brooklyn. I understand the neighborhood around Difaro's is a little depressing, where could we go for a relaxed and tasty glass of vino? One concern is the convenience of it-- both our hotel and (I think) Difaro's are convenient to the Subway line 5 and I'm not sure of the distance between subway stops in Brooklyn. The other concern is that it be reasonably hip (but not painfully so) and somewhat indicative of Brooklyn's character. We're not terribly picky about what's on the list as long as it's not just Kendall Jackson's range of products, and it could even be a beer or cocktail joint. Sidewalk tables would be a plus. Nothing fancy, just something cool and laid back. Thanks in advance y'all, I really appreciate it.

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  1. First, just to help you out on a couple of misperceptions ...

    The train to DiFara is the Q, not the 5.

    The neighborhood around DiFara is not depressing at all (unless you're an anti-Semite); it's a very vibrant largely Orthodox Jewish area. Good fruit and vegetable markets, bakeries, interesting delis. But no cool bars/cafes for a drink. Your closest option is probably to get back on the train 1 mile (or it's a lovely walk but get a map, since many streets dead-end) to Cortelyou Rd, then walk west four short blocks to Stratford Rd and Farm on Adderley or Vox Pop.

    1. The neighborhood isn't depressing, per se, but is primarily Orthodox Jewish, so there is very little in the way of bars and fun stuff to do (unless you're Orthodox, I guess--I used to live nearby and found it pretty boring). You're less than a block from the Q train, hop on and go to Park Slope--there's Flatbush Farm just a few blocks from the 7th Av. stop.. If you're willing to walk a few blocks from that stop, there's bars-a-plenty down on 5th Avenue that would probably fit the bill.

      Oh, and you feasibly could take the 5 train to DiFara's, but it is a long walk and I would strongly advise against it, especially for a tourist. Just switch from the 5 to the Q at Atlantic Ave.

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        You had better check the weekend subway schedule before heading out - some of the trains havent been running to Brooklyn on the East Side - You'd probably be better off catching the Q from midtown since its a super fast ride to brooklyn anyway.

        The shops around difaras are mostly shut down on Saturday for obvious reasons, but open on Sunday, which makes that a more interesting day to visit. If you walk over to coney Island Ave and down (right/south), you will come to the Orchard, a famous and pricy fruit stand with terrific fruit, they offer samples, try some plums, and Olympic Pita, which has good felafel, schwarama and yemeni chicken soup.

      2. Not far off the Atlantic Avenue stop of the Q is the Stonehome Wine Bar. It's a lovely spot:

        1. Just FYI the 5 train only goes to Brooklyn weekdays during rush hour. The rest of the time it the last dowtown stop is bowling Green. Other times take the #4

          1. Your best bet may be to bring your own wine. It's a long wait at Difara's and a bottle of wine may make it go down smoother.

            When you place your order don't retreat to a seat. Either you or your boyfriend need to wait at the counter or risk being forgotten.