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Aug 29, 2006 01:37 PM

Lunch Suggestions In Dupont Circle

So my co-workers and I are going out to lunch tomorrow. Penang was floated, but the Dupont location seems to have gotten underwhelming reviews here. Malaysia Kopitiam seemed good, but then when I dug deeper into discussions, people seemed to think that wasn't great either. We don't have to have Malaysian food, but we don't want to go to CPK or Bertucci's or anything like that. There will be at least 7 of us, though probably no more than 10, if that makes any difference. So.... suggestions?

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  1. Easy! Raku is great! You can order small plates to share or get your own large dish. For small plates- I love the Tuna Napolean and the Mixed Grill appetizer with tofu, chicken and shrimp. For big plates, you can't go wrong with the Kway Teow. Their sushi is ok too. Be warned, however, service can be sloooow.

    1. I love Raku! Their bento boxes are great, too. On a different front, I like Sette Osteria as well.

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        I've always had decent food at Raku, but never once have I had good or even decent service. One time, the waiter added something to our bill that we didn't order (or receive) and refused to take it off. When we asked to talk to the manager, the waiter refused to get him/her for us. It was infuriating.

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          I bet it was! I've only been to Raku in Bethesda, and I've never had any problems there, well besides long lines at lunch.

      2. Oh no - Penang is terrible! I was there two weeks ago for lunch and the food was so bad my companion and I agreed we'd never go back. The lunch specials actually tasted pre-made (meat was dried out; sauce was congealed) and was bad to boot (no balance in spices; sauce separated into grease and non-grease; and I think they burned one or more ingredients). I had a curry and my friend had the barbeque, which he said had almost no flavor. Blech!

        1. I second the Sette suggestion. What about Pesce?

          1. I've had a few decent meals at Nooshi...though it has been a year or more since I was last there.

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              Mmm, Nooshi. I loved Oodles Noodles (a sister to Nooshi) when it was in Bethesda.