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Aug 29, 2006 01:23 PM

Short Ribs Question

They are predicting a cool rainy Labor Day weekend here in the Northeast so I thought I would try my hand at Suzanne Goin's Short Rib Recipe. In a sidebar, she says it is best made a day ahead but doesn't say where to stop. I am guessing that after the 3 hour braise I would refrigerate the ribs overnight in the liquid but am not sure. Would appreciate tips from those of you who have made her recipe. Thanks so much.

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  1. You stop at the three hour mark, cool them down a bit then refrigerate the ribs over night. You will be shocked at how much hard fat there is on those ribs the next day. The ribs are finished at that point then you proceed with warming them in the oven, finish the recipe,

    One note, I made these for a dinner party last winter, and the butcher at Whole Foods advised me to order the ribs cut one inch thick, that gives you the 16 ounces that you need.

    Do make the swiss chard, but do not peel you own pearl onions, get the frozen ones.

    1. Three hours should be enough, but you should nevertheless check your ribs. Sometimes they do take a little longer.

      1. After cooling the ribs at the 3 hours mark, do I refrigerate in the liquid or remove the ribs and refrigerate seperately?

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          Absolutely leave them refrigerated in liquid overnight! That's how they get to be so tasty! You'll also want to scrape off the surprising amounts of fat that accumulate on the top in the morning.

          Sounds fantastic! Enjoy!