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Aug 29, 2006 12:57 PM

RedBrick Pizza Report (w/ pics)

P. and I went to try RedBrick Pizza 8/28/06. We were the first to order and after P. ordered a combo #3 lunch: Gourmet Favorite pizza w/ 3 toppings you can pick and a regular drink $7.95, their register crashed. The girl had to get a manager then they had to use another register. Finally it got straightened out.

I got a small Margarita pizza $5.95, no drink just tap water. It was 4 small slices, thin crust. I liked it and finished it all. We also got an order of Fire-Roasted Italian breadsticks side $2.25. It was just ok-too doughy and with a side of marinara sauce.

Total for lunch $18.29 that P. paid cash. We didn't see a sign for credit card.

Many people got the salads so maybe those are good. Might have to try them next.

Some booths had flat-screen TV but can't hear anything, there is a big TV to watch without sound too.

Gelatos didn't look that interesting to me but they had some flavors available.

Recommended, with some minor problems. There are bathrooms in the back (I didn't check it out) plus they have A/C!

Place is at McCarthy Ranch (Between Best Buy and Wal-Mart, next to Happi House, in back of Starbucks)

RedBrick Pizza
131 Ranch Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 262-5566


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  1. Thanks for the report with pictures!
    I've actually been wanting to try the Milpitas location.

    1. For me Red Brick represents EVERYTHING that is wrong when a restraunt is designed from the ground up to be a Franchise instead of a good restraunt. Tasteless, cardboardy and clueless, braindead, underpaid staff. This isn't based on one visit. This is based on complete debacles on two of our three visits to the Culver City location. On one of them, the one that soured us forever, they were out of half of their ingredients at 9:00 p.m on a friday and the so called manager didn't have the keys to get more from the locked walk-in. The pity is that it replaced a kinda okay beer and pizza joint called "The Backstop".