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Salsa Lizano Sighting!

for those of you, who like me, have joined the hordes of tourists from the u.s. who visit costa rica, you know of the ubiquitous costa rican condiment, salsa lizano. it's a vinegary sweet brown sauce with spices i can't tease out, and tastes great with eggs, rice and beans.

i tried in vain to find it a few years ago, and ended up mail ordering from costa rica. then went back there, and lugged multiple bottles back with me. but i found it here! in the south bronx!

food bazaar is a surprisingly decent grocery store on 161st street. the produce is good (though not organic) and reasonably priced, though the checkout people aren't particularly gentle with smooshables. they have a huge selection of carribean and latino foods and spices. and they have salsa lizano! it's in the aisle with the goya products.

238 E 161st Street (in the strip mall with a movie theater and food court near the court buildings)

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  1. Keep exploring that untapped gold mine, the south bronx...

    1. I've seen it in the Mexican supermarket on 102nd St and National Ave in Queens.

      1. There is plenty of Lizano for sale on eBay.

        1. The main spice is Tamarind--which is why it tastes like an elegant version of Worcestershire sauce.

          1. Salsa Lizano... huge boxes of the bottles, now available at Western Beef on Northern and Steinway in Queens.

            1. just bought a bottle at the trade fair on 37th between 75th and 76th in jackson heights. 2.99 for 700 ml of costa rican gold...

              1. Thank you so much esteban, Monkey Man Jake and el jefe. I went to Costa Rica in 2006 and brought back the salsa Lizano since it is so great. The Western Beef store on Steinway Street does still carry it so I'm going there as soon as I can to get it. I may even be able to get it at a store closer to me!!! Thanks again. Search over!!!!!

                1. I can confirm this Salsa Lizano sighting in New York City. As of May 2009, Lizano is still available at the Food Bazaar on 161st St. in the Bronx. So exciting to finally find this amazing condiment in the US!!! Note that it is located in the aisle with all the internation foods/condiments (could spend hours there), BUT it's not in the Central America section. Honestly not sure where it was actually placed, maybe under Mexico (my boyfriend found it first), but keep looking 'til you find it. Good luck!

                  1. anyone know of an costa rican restaurants?

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                      There is a great one in paterson, NJ! I love it!!! On Main Street... I have to find out the name and i will post it.