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Aug 29, 2006 06:10 AM

Mexican Limes

Is it me or are the limes you get in Mexico COMPLETELY different in flavor to anything you can find in the US? Not only are they much more flavorful but they also have a different taste altogether. I live in CA and cant find a lime that tastes like a lime you find from the bottom of the baja pensisula, south? You would think that if its the weather that makes the difference they would at least import these things but i cant find them anywhere. If anyone knows where to find them or knows why they cant be found, please let me know.

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  1. The large lima (Mexican lime) is from a different plant than the diminutive limon (what we known as a lime in the States, probably the Persian lime). I imagine Mexican limes are available in LA at Mexican markets, but maybe you would get more specific responses on the LA board??

    1. I find them in my produce section in the exotic section. They come in a green mesh bag.

      1. Are you thinking of key limes?

        1. They are labeled as mexican limes. I use them as key limes.

          1. The small limes (1 1/4") that I get at my Mexican grocer are seedy, have a mottled skin and lots of juice that has a wonderful flavor.

            The larger seedless limes (2") with a darker green skin, are "Bearrs' Seedless", I believe, grown stateside. They have a more bland, acidic taste, and don't yield as much juice.

            Try searching your area of Calif for a hispanic grocery store. Check at different times of the year,too. These past few weeks none of our Mexican groceries have had the smaller, more juicy limes, just the big, dark green ones. It may just depend on the produce distributor they use.