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Aug 29, 2006 05:36 AM

Golden Bird Chicken at Porky's

Just when I had my choice narrowed down to beef ribs and the pulled pork sandwich, along comes Golden Bird Chicken.

It was on the serving station when I arrived so I don't know how long from the fryer. It was simply THE best fried chicken I can remember since my grandmother's on the farm in Nebraska.

It was golden, perfectly crispy outside and amazingly moist on the inside.

Keeping in mind the piece size of most chicken outlets I ordered the 4 piece meal. $5.95 with a biscuit. I added a small side of fries for $1.99 and a refillable soda. The pieces were huge and three would have been plenty but I bravely ate all 4. You get a choice of 4 with 1 breast. I got a leg, two thighs, and a breast. Even the breast was juicy and hot.

The 'small' fries was also huge and pretty good even though I like them a little crisper. I asked for a small cup of BBQ sauce for dipping and no problem and no charge.

So, as I was leaving I was thinking to myself, GREAT now three things to choose from. Just then another customer asked if I had tried the Brisket and raved about it. Darn, WILL IT NEVER END?

I am anxious to hear the reports of others to see if this was a fluke or the real thing. I have found that they're quite consistent and hope it holds to the fried chicken.

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  1. Pork Spare Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Beef Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork and Fried Chicken!!!

    What a tough selection. My mouth is watering. I'm going to have to check out Porky's BBQ soon.

    Porky's BBQ
    801 E. Manchester
    (310) 671-2900

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    1. re: Norm Man

      Personally I have not tried the pork ribs but my S.O likes them. She is also crazy for their Peach Cobbler as am I.

      Thankfully the cobbler does not interfere with the other choices.

    2. Are there still Golden Bird's in LA? I thought they all closed down.

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      1. re: reality check

        Hi, Porky'a is a BBQ place. I don't know about a Golden Bird as such. Porky's must have a license from them for their establishment. Nonetheless is is very good.

        1. re: reality check

          There's one at 4725 Venice Blvd.
          Kinda hidden from view. Drive into the Ralph's parking lot and it is visible ... but not visible from Venice Blvd.

        2. Thanks to Wes for this Great Tip for Fantastic Fried Chicken.

          I stopped in to Porky's BBQ for lunch yesterday and had the 4 Piece ( a Breast, a drumstick and 2 thighs) & a Biscuit for $5.99 plus tax and a side order of French Fries for $1.99 plus tax. Porky's let me replace the usual chicken wing for another thigh at no additional charge.

          I got lucky because a new batch of fried chicken came out of the fryer moments before I ordered. The pieces were very generous in size and cooked perfectly -- a dark golden crispy, crunchy exterior with a juicy, steaming hot interior. As Wes mentioned previously, even the large breast piece was juicy. Porky's my new "Go To" place for Fried Chicken.

          The fries were also a generous portion but could have been more golden brown. I will try ordering well-done fries next time.

          Porky's BBQ
          801 E. Manchester Blvd.
          (1 Block west of Prairie, by The Great Western Forum)
          (310) 671-2900

          1. That's funny about the brisket; last week somebody in line raved about it too. Will have to try that.

            I've been twice and really liked the chicken. Here's my last comment from August:

            As I eyed the fried chicken sitting under the heatlamp (and I did have quite a few minutes to check it out as the ordering line went very slowly), I thought, "dare I?". Got a wing and was pleasantly surprised by the "Golden Bird chicken": the coating was a thin, big bubbly affair that melted on the tongue. Reminded me of good chicken fried steak batter. Getting more chicken with some biscuits next time. Thanks hounds!


            1. I grew up going to Golden Bird! It is sooooo good. I would love to see if the Golden Bird actually is any good any more? Has anyone been?

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              1. re: jessiebelle

                JessieBelle, is Golden Bird actually any good any more? Yes, see Wes', petradish's and my reviews above.

                Porky's BBQ serves Golden Bird Fried Chicken. Porky's is a franchisee of Golden Bird. The manager of Porky's told me that Porky's is one of three Golden Bird operators in LA.

                1. re: Norm Man

                  Porky's is a stand alone BBQ place. They offer Golden Bird chicken as one of their options. I am sure they franchise the name and recipe from Golden Bird but to call them a Golden Bird Franchise isn't quite correct. It gives the image of a KFC, Pioneer, etc. place with chicken as the main item.

                  1. re: Wes

                    This is the first GOLDENBIRD (restaurant)Franchise to open in 16 years and is will be the training unit for all GOLDENBIRD restaurants in the future.