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Aug 29, 2006 05:11 AM

Three days in Montreal - need help cutting down choices.

I'll be in Montreal for three days and there are way too many good recommendations on this board and too little time to try all. Please help me cut down some of the choices. I am extremely picky about food so I'd appreciate good food critics to give me some good opinions.

Brunch/Lunch: Le Jardin Nelson, Lemeac, la chronique (should i do dinner instead?), Reservoir
Dinner: Les chevres, la chronique, Brunoise, club chasse et peche

Or, I can perhaps save Lemeac for after 10 pm where they serve two plates for 22 dollars?

I know I am also missing plenty of great restaurants, but I'd love to hear more suggestions on what else to add and what I should take out of my list.

Merci beaucoup en avance.

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  1. I just checked..most of the restaurants i listed are not open on Sunday! So, I am deciding between Bonaparte and Lemeac for dinner. Which one should I pick?

    1. I went to Bonaparte often a couple of years ago and it was exquisite back then. It was more a traditional french restaurant, but the quality was excellent and the restaurant's decor was romantic. It was not a hip crowd. It was more a couple's crowd and quiet people. I think Lemeac is more trendy, but it depends what you want. If you want quiet and romantic, Bonaparte is the place.

      I would skip Le jardin Nelson if I were you or go only to have a drink. It is a nice place in terms of decor but the food is a tourist's trap I think.

      La chronique is really expensive, so you could save a bit of money there by going to lunch instead of dinner. Lunch is often the way to go for expensive restaurants.

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        Thanks cricri. Bonaparte does look more stuffy.
        I have revised my list and added a bunch of breakfast places:

        Breakfast: Beauty's, reservoir, Tutti Frutti
        Lunch: La chronique, au petit extra, l'express
        Dinner: Les Chevres, Brunoise, Lemeac
        Juliette et chocolat for dessert

        I wonder if I can eat that much for a weekend. :)
        What do you all think?

      2. my suggestions are
        BYBLOS or RESERVOIR for breakfast
        Lemeac for dinner

        1. Tutti Frutti is a chain. Its not very impressive. If you are heading towards Mount Royal for Beauty's, you may want to consider L'Avenue (about 10 blocks east of Beauty's). They have a great brunch. Lemeac and Brunoise are both great-you can't go wrong.

          1. The bad thing about l'Avenue are the long lines and the crowded place. It is expensive and not worth it I think. Beauty's would be a much better choice.

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            1. re: cricri7

              Funny thing is I heard similar complaints about Beauty's. let's cut the pear in half and send her to Byblos on Laurier East.