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Aug 29, 2006 04:12 AM

OMURICE? (omllette rice)

where in japna has the BEST omurice with the soft scrambled egg? preferably in the tokyo area?

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  1. I'm not sure there's such a thing as "best" in Japan. Most places have their own slightly different versions of the dish, so what matters is your preference and taste. That said, probably the most famous place to have omu-raisu is Taimeiken. But don't count out the other big-time yoshoku restaurants like Grill Mantenboshi, Rengatei, or Mikawaya. Other possiblities would be Kamiya, Kyobashi Don Pierre, Edoya, Azabu Shokudo, Restaurant Hayakawa.

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      Also, this omu-hayashi at Nakamura-ya near Shinjuku station was also particularly good. Made with a butter pilaf, instead of the standard chicken rice.

    2. Taimeiken in Nihonbashi is a popular destination for the locals. However, having stood in the long line, my cousins were in from Yamagata and they HAD to have it, it was disappointing and overpriced.

      1. Resurrecting this post as I too am in search of some good omurice. I've been recommended Rakeru, but seeing as it seems like a famires chain, my hopes aren't too high. I've tried Grill Mantenboshi, which was excellent. Any other recs?

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          I can vouch for 8 1/2 (Hachi to Niban no Ichi) in Midorigaoka. It currently ranks 5th for omuraisu in Tokyo on tabelog. It's got loads of yoshoku-ten charm: chintzy plates, 'Europeon' knick-knacks and mumsy service... and the omuraisu is fantastic.

          I can't vouch for it, but the 1# ranking omuraisu shop in Tokyo (according to tabelog), is Azabu Shokudo, near Hiroo station. Looks like you can order your choice of omuraise with tomato or a demi-glaze sauce. Looks very tempting.

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              Tokyo residents can't resist places that are left old from previous 'yoshoku' design, and the restaurant Azuma haven't renovated for quite a time.. If you want to try a omurice at 1000yens at Ginza (yes, possible!) try their fried rice chicken omurice... 
              (more an OL/worker lunch set than a date place)