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Aug 29, 2006 03:38 AM

Triad Indian

OK, I'm in the mood for some Indian food. I have relocated to Greensboro in the last few years and miss Situl and Maharani in Charlotte. I have not seen many Indian places around here and the ones I have seen look a tad shady. How about some suggestions from the Triad Hounds? I'm willing to travel in the triad area for some good curry.

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  1. My husband and I really enjoy the Creamic Grill in High Point. We have been there a couple of times and have not had a bad dish. Just beware that the owner LOVES to talk to his customers. He is a really nice guy, but sometimes he go on and on, but then he usually gives us something free.

    The Ceramic Grill in on Skeet Club Road, just drive down Wendover towards High Point, when you cross Eastchester Wendover turns into Skeet Club and the restaurant is in the Harris Teeter shopping center on the right.

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      i'm a big fan of ceramic grill. both of the owners are super-nice and the food's quite tasty. best indian option i've found in greensboro/high point (although i still miss my sitar india palace days when i lived in the triangle).

    2. even though its been years I think there is still an indian place on tate street. there is also one on high point road (near olive garden) and on west market (near harris teeter). Most of these serve just average indian fare nothing exceptional. Good places to inquire may be the indian grocery beside of Giacomo's on high point rod or the indian grocery on west market.

      two places left in winston - one on stratford beside lucky 32 and golden india on fairlawn(nice owner, very laidback restaurant with a little grocery)

      1. Thanks. I think we will be trying Ceramic Grill. I'll tell you how it was!