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Aug 29, 2006 03:31 AM

group dinner in nashville?

i'm looking for recs for a group (~20) dinner in nashville. we're going ot be at a conference at the gaylord opryland resort but are hoping to escape the resort complex for dinner one night.

needs to be relatively cheap and within a 20 minute cab ride of the hotel. something uniquely southern or uniquely nashville would of course be fabulous!

many thx

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  1. For a group like that, I would try Monell's. It's a family-style southern food place with the best fried chicken in Nashville, great side dishes, all you can eat for under $20 apiece.

    1. thanks for the suggestion nm1. unfortunately monell's doesn't do dinner on mondays, which is when we will be going out. it looks great though! i'll have to check it out while i'm in town anyway.

      i'm considering rosepepper, but i don't have a feel if it's a good scene for a big crowd.

      any other ideas or suggestions? please, save us from ending up at a chain or within the opryland complex!


      1. Rosepepper is fine for a big group. You might have to split up into a couple of tables, but they've got lots of space there and are used to crowds. The drinks there are good; the food is OK. I would suggest the Alley Cat, which is not all that far from Rosepepper and has better food, but I think 20 people in a party might be a problem for them.

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          unfortunately the alley cat is closed on mondays as well! i'm starting to think that folks in nashville just don't eat on mondays... ;)

          other ideas?


        2. Radius 10 and Cabana are both supposed to be nice, and if I'm remembering right they should be able to deal with big parties. They may be a step up in price, but might be within your range. I haven't been to either of them so I can't say more than that.

          There's a fantastic Mexican place called Hacienda Taqueria, very cheap, very tasty, not at all fancy (linoleum floor, plastic tables). I have seen parties of 10 or 12 there, with a bunch of the regular tables for 4 put together. It may be a longer drive from Opryland than what you have in mind, though.

          You won't have a bad time if you stick with Rosepepper. The food isn't bad, it just isn't special. The atmosphere is great for a big get-together.

          1. Consider The Yellow Porch by 100 Oaks Mall. They do take reservations - especially for a group your size. Ask for a manager when you call. Not that cheap.

            The Yellow Porch
            734 Thompson Lane
            Nashville TN 37204
            (615) 386-0260