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Aug 29, 2006 03:24 AM

Four Days In West Hollywood

In LA at the beginning of September for four days and am looking for places with; great fish taco's, a low-key-type pub, trendy dinner place with good vegetarian options (can be thai, fusion, french... upscale is fine) and fav. breakfast spots.

Staying in the area of the Standard Hotel 8300 Sunset.

Any recommendations would be super appreciated.

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  1. you'll need to hoof it over to pasadena to la estrella tacos. i can only recommend the one on altadena dr & foothill (i've not been to the ones in highland park) for the killer fish taco.

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      will try la estrella tacos for killer fish taco. is it a local franchise? they don't have them in my hometown... in fact, there's no real good place for fish tacos here (total land-locked). thanks for the suggestion!


    2. Well the best breakfast is very close - The Griddle Cafe.

      1. I completely agree with the Griddle, and here are some more ideas...

        Table 8 - more upscale, and I go for the porterhouse, but I wonder what they could do for a veggie fan if asked? Probably amazing stuff

        Mashti Malone's - best ice cream in LA cuz desert is important

        Farmer's Market - lots of fun selections - Loteria probably has some good veggie items on board daily and maybe some fish/seafood

        Hugo's - pumpkin pancakes for breakfast rock

        Sweet Lady Jane - tea and sweet rolls and muffins and things and open late

        Real Food Daily - kind of a crap shoot for vegan fare, but I have taken vegetarians there who swear by it

        Newsroom - veggie and carniverous choices together - kind of a bustling scene, but wide variety and depending on what you get, can be kinda tasty

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          any suggestions for favs on the menu at the newsroom cafe? i've heard good things.

          hugo's pumpkin pancakes are going to me a must... thank you so much for the suggestions.

        2. Galanga Thai Fusion is really impressive. It's in a simple, low-key space on Santa Monica Boulevard, not far from Trader Joe's (the one on SMB & Poinsettia, NOT the one near Westmount).

          The prices are great. Everything we had there was good, including the Basil Duck, the Eggplant, Pad Thai, Thai Iced Tea...Life is good!

          Warning: Griddle Cafe can get REALLY CROWDED.

          1. oh...lucques or sona both do a really nice vegetarian menu for an upscale dinner...both are in weho.

            for brunch, may favorite is campanile.

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              I've definitely seen campanile brought up in other posts... olive oiled eggs? anything you can suggest trying? I'm wide open to ideas.

              thanks for the suggestions!

              1. re: chefcharney

                first, make sure you make a reservation and request the front room. the earlier you go the better your chances.

                i really like the scrambled eggs with creamed spinach with country white toast. for me, it's the perfect combination: softly scrambled eggs, creamy spinach, all sopped up with perfect toast.

                i also like the buratta sandie with salsa verde, the fruit & nut scone or a brown butter tart served with a dollop of creme fraiche. the peach cobbler is also good. i like the olive oiled eggs and remember when they first put it on the menu when they returned from tuscany (i think they were hanging out at da delfina). i usually request the yolk runny, but it's hit or miss. my personal experience is that any egg i've ever ordered poached doesn't come runny, even when i request it, even when i send it back.

                the ambiance is great and quintessential l.a. service is professional. they pull a respectable cup of espresso. great wine too. go and stop in next door to grab some granola and black rabbit licorice.

                we also like grilled cheese night at the bar, thursday nights.

                i don't think you can make reservations on opentable for brunch. me thinks you need to call.

                have fun!