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Aug 29, 2006 03:22 AM

Picking fruit

Anyone have a recommendation for a fruit picking place? I recently went to the look out farm in, of all places, Natick. It wasn't bad, especially if you take the kids to the petting zoo. I used to go to Alyson's Apple Orchard in Walpole, NH and it was the best experience. Any new farms that I haven't found yet out there?

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  1. In Harvard there are many nice places to pick your own apples, also blueberries , raspberries, peaches, necterines, pumpkins when in season.
    Carlton Orchards and Westward Orchards are the big ones but there are several smaller ones as well.

    1. Honeypot Hill Farms, Stowe is pretty nice, as is Carlson. Also
      Parlee Farms has a great animal petting zoo, ice cream stand and PYO up in Tyngsboro

      The best listing:

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        Oh yeah, Honeypot is my new favorite. We used to go to Kimball Farms in Pepperell for years (great views of the mountains from there), but Honeypot is the only place we go now.

      2. I've always loved Goodale Orchards (now Russell Family Farms) in Ipswich. They've managed to keep it from getting too commercialized, which is a problem for all the good farms.

        They have a great selection of apples, a nice petting zoo area, and the best cider donuts I've had (incredibly greasy and delicious).

        1. I'll second Parlee Farms. They're very easy to get to and have great variety. And the goat ramp is worth the trip!

          1. I've picked apples at Brooksby Farm in Peabody and plan to pick peaches there this week.