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Aug 29, 2006 03:15 AM

Oakland Area Dinner for 12 (5 kids under 10) this Sunday night

My family and I are coming up this weekend from Los Angeles and need a place for a fun, nice dinner to celebrate some birthdays on Sunday in the Oakland area. The kids are pretty adventuresome - we all eat sushi but Mom would need some tempura or teriyaki. Steak and seafood or Italian might be safer for the parents.

We were thinking a private room would be great so the kids wouldn't disturb other diners.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. A few places come to mind, but none with tremendously fabulous food.

    Milano on Grand Avenue in Lake Merritt area of Oakland has a private room. I don't know how much they charge. Zza's, down the street, is very kid friendly, but I don't think they have a private room.

    Grand Oak has been written about here previously. Very decent, well-priced American (steaks, etc.), with a private room in back. They might make you share it, but it's kid-friendly and low key.

    There is a Mexican restaurant on E12th at 5th, the name of which I cannot remember, which doesn't have a private room, but has space that would accommodate your numbers and is fine, though, again, not fancy.

    If you want nice food and fancier ambience, Lalime in Berkeley on Gilman, has a private room, full bar, lovely menu and wine list.

    How "nice" do you want? How fancy the food?

    Good luck!

    1. Garibaldi's on College Avenue (Oakland) - great shoe string potatoes, fried calamari, steak and roast chicken and good desserts.... there's a semi private room in the back.
      Oliveto, also on College - good italian - fresh homemade pasta.

      1. Pyramid Brewery in Northwest Berkeley has a private room. It's glassed off so it's nice and airy. Yes it's a micro-brewery but it has a kid menu (pizza, hot dogs, burgers). For brew pub food it's well prepared (burgers, pizza, steaks, chops, etc.) but nothing special. One nice thing is it has a large parking lot which in the Bay Area is always an issue.