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Aug 29, 2006 03:03 AM

Dalo Leaves

Is there anywhere I can buy dalo leaves in San Francisco?
Is this the kind of thing I perhaps might find at the alemany farmers market do you think?

..or anywhere else?


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  1. You might ask for rau rau or taro leaves ... same thing.

    Don't know for sure, but Alameny would be your best bet. Oddly, I know of a bunch of Fijian markets around the bay, but not in SF. They usually are part of Indian markets, so you might check the Indian markets in SF.

    For all the Fijian markets I've been in, most of the fish is frozen (your other post) as are a lot of the other items. Your best bet might be to give Islanders Market in San Mateo and see if they have what you want or know of a place that does.

    Here's a SF Gate article about the market

    If you are interested in Fijian markets in the East Bay or Peninsula, let me know. I can't give you an answer on what you are specifically asking for, but can give you names and an indication how extensive the inventory is.

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      Alameny probably has them. I saw 2 or 3 leafy bunches at many of the vendors that I've never seen at places like New May Wah that I don't recognize. These were all at booths with predominately Asian produce.

      That was 2 weekends ago, and the weather has been mild so I'm sure they're still for sale.

    2. I know this sounds LUDICROUS, but the fish in fijian markets, barely a stones throw away from the water, was frozen too! and they overcook it.

      thanks for the market link.
      i hope i have enough time to do a little travelling further afield before the weekend.

      1. I've bought these at the Friday farmers market in downtown Oakland. But that was a couple years ago. Also saw them at the Santa Rosa Wednesday night market a couple weeks ago. Alemany could be a good place to look for them.

        1. I've seen them in normal supermarkets (even Safeway) in neighborhoods with lots of Pacific Islanders.