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Aug 29, 2006 02:58 AM



we lost our fave week night dinner dive several months ago and haven't been able to replace it. Live near Fox Studio's on Pico. Beverly Hills, Culver City, West LA, Westwood...anything in these areas that is casual, good food and more on the 'divy' side. Not looking to spend Saturday night dollars for a bowl of good soup, etc.....

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  1. I'll start!

    2002 Sawtelle in West Los Angeles
    This is a Japanese noodle house, and you can get many different bowl dinners -- or other items -- for less than $10.

    Once you are on Sawtelle, walk both sides for a few blocks and you will find a number of interesting places that are reasonable (many UCLA students around), including Asahi Ramen and a Tofu House across the street from Chabuya. You might even want to take out from Nijiya Market and have Beard Papas cream puffs for dessert!

    Once you discover this area, you will be able to enjoy many meals here and never repeat any of them...although you might WANT to!

    1. I second Tofu House on Sawetelle. Cheap, delicious, and generous portions (combo dishes enough for 2 for under $15).

      On Santa Monica Blvd near Barrington are two of my favorite cheap standbys.

      Juquilla for Oaxacan food. Excellent chile rellenos (a top 5 in LA), mole negre and mole rojo.

      La Saigon for Vietnamese food. I really like the ambiance of this place. Small, homey and very friendly.

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            Tofu-ya -- Thanks to you both, Wilafur and Mielimato, for this correct information.

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            I think that there is better soon tofu to be found in Korea town, but Tofu-Ya is certainly a good place to go to if you feel like soon tofu but don't want to drive.

          3. Monte Alban for very good, reliable Oaxacan food at reasonable prices. santa monica blvd and brockton in West LA.

            Pann's for good coffee shop food (you did say you're looking for a bowl of soup...).

            Mi Ranchito for decent Mexican food in Culver City.

            1. I've been to Mi Ranchito probably near a hundred times. We've geen going since they we're across from where Dijonaise is now before they moved to the the old Marco Polo location. Considering how established they were with the studio crowd, going head to head with Paco's around the corner made for a dicey first year or so. The food is generally pretty good but the service can *at times* be uneven. I say this as lonvingly as I can because we're regular enough to be fond of the family but it is a family restraunt and is not a slick operation even after all these years. My recs are the Bistec Tampiqueña and the Chilaquiles. Stay away from the Margies--horrible bar mix based things. Think a odiously wrongly mixed limeade and add a shot of tequilla. That bad.

              1. ever so slightly more expensive than the rec's above (entrees range from $12-20), but i would recommend nook bistro.