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Brampton chow

I'm starting yet another new job, this time in Brampton, near Bovaird and 410, off Richvale (Notre Dame). I'll be taking the 427 to 401 to 410 to get there and back but I'm always open to detours for good chow.

I would love to know about ALL good chow in the region, including grocery stores, markets, take-out, catering, bakeries, fast food, bars and restaurants. Thanks! Even if a place only has one good item, please let me know. I eat everything in any price range.

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  1. I like Kwality Sweets on Steeles. Good for lunch--great samosas.

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      Finally made it to Kwality for lunch yesterday. The Handi chicken ($9) is absolutely amazing! So tasty and succulent. Also enjoyed a lacha (plain) paratha ($2.50) and a tall glass of mango lassi ($2.75). Things are definitely not cheap at Kwality, considering the fast-food atmosphere. Chicken dish came with a small side salad. Also tried some sweets (e.g. the "watermelon" cashew burfi) but they were oddly-flavoured with a strange aftertaste and quite dry. (Definitely nowhere near as good as the same style of sweets I enjoyed on Kisutu Street in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in August!) $2.75 bought 4 small sweets. I can't wait to go back for a complete meal!

    2. Definitely go to Brar Sweets in a strip mall near Dixie & Steeles. It used to be a bit of a dive, but now it's a trendy looking cafeteria-style place. All-vegetarian Indian fare, and the absolute best thing is the $5.99 thali (3 vegetable curries, rice, bread, dessert). They have a few other locations, including a buffet somewhere in Brampton, but I enjoy this location the most.

      Brar Sweets
      199 Advance Boulevard Unit 12
      Brampton, ON

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        Brar is okay. I went in between lunch and dinner hour and had to eat "snacks" in the take-out area. Accidentally received a samosa platter, consisting of samosas smothered in channa. Paneer pakoras were fairly average. Bought masala cashews which had a rotten egg sulfur smell. Sweets were decent. I will have to try again, particularly the buffet or thali.

      2. For Jamaican, try the strip mall at the corner of torbram & Queen ....
        For hakka Chinese & Indian, try the strip mall on torbram, 1 block north of bovaird ...
        For simple Italian sandwich, try the bakery on Torbram just a little bit north of Queen.
        For spicy chicken, try Nando's Queen st & Bramalea.
        For traditional deli smoked meat, try Switzer's Torbram & Kimbel.
        Good Luck

        1. Went to the Kingsley Chinese Restaurent at Kennedy and Clarence in Brampton last night. It's surprisingly authentic Cantonese food; had the shrimps on Chinese broccoli and the first bite made me think I was in Hong Kong! The other dish we had was a Taiwanese Wine and Vinegar Chicken (or "3-cups Chicken") which was tasty but lacking in a sauce. The portions were huge, there were 16 large shrimps on the plate, and the chicken hotpot was easily twice the size of what you would get downtown. It wasn't cheap though, the bill came to $48 for two (incl. tax and tip) with 1 drink. The only bad thing about the place is its total lack of decor, just bare walls all around. But would definitely go again.

          BTW there is also a big Chinese supermarket in the same mall. And a Vietnamese restaurent too. But for VN food I prefer the one next to Big Al's on Kennedy, I think it's called Bamboo Garden or something.

          1. Italian Garden on Hurontario, north of Bovaird has delicious huge zucchini stuffed with rice and spinach. Their other food looks great, too. It's cash only, however. $9 incl. tax bought me average lasagne and the yummy stuffed zucchini.

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              However, Italian Garden has the WORST veal sandwich I've ever tasted.

            2. Tried the handmade burger at Jake's Boathouse near Steeles and 410 yesterday with some frozen fries (spicy waffle variety). I ordered it medium, which they encourage/allow. Though it's "corn-fed sirloin", the burger was quite flavourless. Even the tiny amount of guacamole and cheddar cheese didn't help. Great bun, but I wouldn't go back for the burger. It was juicy and cooked properly, but lacking ooomph.

              1. Heard that there's an authentic Trini roti/doubles place on Kennedy near Queen St. in the same plaza as a West Indian grocery store.

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                  South of Queen on Kennedy, across from AAA Grocer, is a really good Trinidadian place that is just called Roti Shop. It's in a seedy strip mall, but it has excellent rotis and staff that are very friendly and willing to answer any and all questions.

                2. Was treated to dinner at Wong's buffet (Queen and 410) this evening and really enjoyed the crab legs. However, overall the buffet wasn't as good as Mandarin's buffet! I'm not saying either are a chow destination, but at least at Mandarin (Steeles and 410), most of the meat dishes are succulent and worthy of second helpings! At Wong's, the food lacked pizazz. Mandarin's buffet is also much bigger with a bigger selection of Canadian food. Both have "sushi" but it's not great.

                  1. Thai - Sahla Thai (Queen/Rutherfood)
                    Sushi - Toshi (Bovaird/10)
                    AYCE Sushi - Sushi Japan Buffet (168 Kennedy Rd. S. - just North of Steeles)
                    Trini Roti & Doubles - Alima's (13 Kenview)

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                      I heard that Alima's Roti on Kenview Blvd (near Steeles and Goreway/Finch) has amazing, authentic Trini roti and doubles, just like in Trinidad. (I was also told to ask for the cucumber sauce.)

                      The other great roti place recommended by my Trini colleague is Simmas on Derry Road, at Goreway. He recommends the roti and doubles at both places and claims they are better than Drupati's.

                      However, I tasted a boneless goat roti ($6.99) and doubles ($1.25) from Simmas a couple of months ago in the early evening. The fillings came straight out of a non-steaming steam tray and crock pot, so the result was disappointing. Too much pepper sauce made the goat roti a bit too hot for my liking, but the meat was mostly tender and flavourful. Doubles were decent but not the best I've tasted, maybe because they weren't heated thoroughly. Would have been much better with freshly made dhal puri (theirs was a bit dry), barras and fillings. Not a chowfind!

                      1. re: thancoo8

                        Sahla Thai is mediocre and I wouldn't go again. Tried a soup and pineapple fried rice. Did I miss the good stuff? I was surprised that they have a second location in St. Catharines - I've actually eaten there a few years ago.

                        1. re: Food Tourist

                          Dunno ... I've been to Sahla Thai on almost a weekly basis, I can't get enough of their Beef Penang. The hot & sour soup is kinda hit and miss, but the Penang has always been stellar.

                          1. re: WooKstah

                            We passed by Sahla Thai several times so decided to go. We're sorry we went. Almost every Thai place I've been to has Ginger tea, even if not on the menu. I asked for that here and all I got was a confused look, then said they only have green tea, which turns out to be next to tasteless. My friend asked for the "Stir fy garlic shrimp", NOT spicy. It turns out to be in a mildy spicy greenish sauce, with about 10 shrimps and nothing else. When the waiter asked how the food was (after we were finished), my friend mentioned the spicing, the waiter said "well it's the garlic". Yeah OK.

                            I also saw another table sending back their appetizer, something about the menu not giving the right description.

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                            Sahla Thai is definitely mediocre, their selection of vegetables and dishes are very much geared towards a palate used to AYCE asian buffets. I do enjoy Thai Pepper on Hurontario north of Bovaird, but the service is definitely rough there. I think they have one guy cooking, and one other guy doing everything else. The food is more than worth it if you can wait it out.

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                              The Robin Hood ribs at Sahla Thai are amazing, fried rice and all. The rest of the food is alright.

                              I think the best Indian food I've found in Brampton is at Queen and Kennedy: Brampton Tandoori Restaurant. The spices are fresh, and it is one of the few Indian places in Brampton where the food isn't covered in a thick layer of oil. The atmosphere kind of sucks, but the staff is very friendly.

                              Also the food at Singapore Garden on Queen isn't bad, if you don't mind a horrifically long wait.

                          3. re: thancoo8

                            Re: 168 Sushi (168 Kennedy Rd. S.) - a teenager I know swears it is the best sushi in town. Any recent reviews of this AYCE place?

                          4. oh...and looks like they are opening a new Thai & Chinese buffet called "Lemongrass" at the corner of Bovaird and Hwy 10 where the Rona is. It's opening where the old "Great Wall of China" buffet used to be.

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                              Hopefully not the same people that run Lemongrass in Hamilton - it's the worst so-called Thai food I have EVER eaten (despite the fact that many love it). The "curry shrimp" was Glico curry cube sauce with freezer burned shrimp with a few mostly unidentifiable veggies. Ick.

                              1. re: jcanncuk

                                Perhaps the same people that opened Lemongrass in Scarborough? There's on at Silver Star and Steeles in Scarborough, and the food is good there.

                              2. re: thancoo8

                                Has anyone been here to check the place out?

                                1. re: WooKstah

                                  On the off chance anyone else out there attempts it, this place is closed ... some note about a watermain break or some such. The inside was pretty much completly empty, so something tells me the place isn't reopening anytime soon. Too bad, I could really have gone for a good buffet today.

                                  1. re: WooKstah

                                    Thai Lemongrass will never open. They opened about a year ago - for one day and had a watermain break. They closed up and the place is still empty and for lease. I work immediately next door. We were all hoping. Toshi Sushi is great, and very reasonable. I advise to order take out ahead of time, if time is short.

                                  2. re: WooKstah

                                    Went , when they 1st opened - March ? - it was cold !!!
                                    Wouldn't return

                                2. Tinnel's Jamaican patties ($1.10 each) are quite tasty (on Kennedy). Pho at Pho Peter next door isn't great.

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                                    Stick to Tinnel's spicy beef, chicken or fish patties. Regular beef and veggie aren't spectacular.

                                  2. Martin's BBQ on MainSt just north of Vodden is good for authentic portuguese food. Very reasonably priced.

                                    1. The Westwood Mall food court in Malton is an awesome chowfind. Not a single chain - all mom and pops in there. I haven't been there in a few years, but I always used to go to the Trini roti and doubles place for truly outstanding and cheap lunches.

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                                        I am never in theMall at Westwood very long, so rushing through, I always get a take out Roti Trini Style. I always intend to once sit down and try perhaps the soup at the Korean place, will do so next time! But posting years after your post that you are so right to mention the lack of any chain restaurants!

                                      2. Heritage fish and chips on Queen St. (Queen & Airport)

                                        1. Excellent roti can be found at Roti Shop on Kennedy Rd. S. near Clarence. Chicken $5.75, goat $6, and they even offer duck roti. Doubles are good, too, but roti is definitely the winner here.

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                                            Actually, these Roti Shop roti are good, but not excellent. The more I try other places, the better I can compare.

                                            Avoid Nal's (Main and Vodden plaza). Disappointing roti and doubles (though the barras are nice and thick).

                                          2. Terrific cherry-smoked chicken ($7 for quarter, $10 for half) at Lykn Chicken on Aiport Rd near Morning Star. Ribs were undercooked and not as smoky, but chicken was moist and smoky. Avoid most sides, except for decent green plantain (tostones) and yummy pineapple tarts. Owner is Guyanese so this isn't a "southern bbq" place.

                                            1. Biryani King was a pleasant surprise. Super cheap - $3.99 for chicken biryani that feeds 3 people, $3.99 chicken korma (quite oily but tasty), $4.99 for a huge chicken tikka wrap. Can't wait to try their other items!

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                                              1. re: Food Tourist

                                                Biryani King continues to impress me with their smoky succulent chicken tikka ($5.99).

                                                1. re: Food Tourist

                                                  Biryani King is really hit-or-miss, and I no longer endorse their biryani.

                                              2. Had to bump this -- I've lived in brampton 23 years and I've got some great ones

                                                If you liked Martins BBQ, you gotta try Nova Esperanca, its just up the road at Hurontario & Brickyard I believe; just south of Williams Parkway... if you keep heading northbound past martin's you'll see it on the right. I'd probably say the chicken is better at Nova but the sides are better at Martins

                                                If you like Greek food check out the Mr. Greek at Queen & Rutherford, I eat there once a week (Don't let the "Mr. Greek" name fool you, its a family owned branch and is nothing like the average Mr Greek franchise you'd find in a shopping mall. Everything is cooked to order right in front of you) My favorite is the chicken souvlaki dinner with one or two extra grilled Pita's..

                                                The BEST beer battered fish & chips in my opinion is a spot right by my house, I swear by it, it's called Mimi's Fish & Chips and its owned by a single family as well. Everything from the fries to the onion rings to the poutine is great, and their Halibut is amazing.. They've got a very loyal clientele of people who come in almost daily to eat & read the newspaper so maybe avoid it at peak times

                                                My favorite shawarmas probably come Falafel Garden , its a little hole in the wall at Clarence & Kennedy but assuming you go when its nice and fresh (ie lunch hour) then they're great at $5 a pop

                                                Best wings and chicken sandwich would be from Turtle Jacks at Hurontario & Ray Lawson but it's the #1 hangout for all the cops whos station is across the street and the place is PACKED all the time so the food can take a while. I highly reccomend their "Big wing sandwich".. It's a marinated chicken breast, dipped in their awesome wing batter & then sauced with any of their huge selection of wing sauces.. Keep in mind these are by no means the best wings I've ever had, but certainly nobody else comes close in Brampton.. (best overall ever are at Wings Up! in Milton)

                                                B E S T smoked meat/corned beef/pastrami around is at Peters on Eglinton , (Eglinton and Dixie i think) but I guess that's Mississauga.. The portions are literally the size of your head so seriously prepare to eat twice off a single meal

                                                If I think of some more I'll write back; does anyone else have any favorites?

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                                                  I have to agree with falafel garden. I eat their once a week usually. great falafel, friendly service.

                                                  I also really like the Indian food at I believe it is called Apor. It is up in the heart lake town center in the back corner where the winery is behind the McDonald's. Really good and fresh veg. Indian food. the family that runs the places are really nice and are great at making things at request if you don't like onions, garlic, milk, and such.

                                                  1. re: rindinella_k

                                                    Sweet Palace

                                                    NE Torbram and Peter Robertson - in the corner of the strip mall

                                                    Best Thali (veg) antwhere was $5 now $6 . Lassi - $2.Samosas 3/$1 !!!

                                                    After a typically underwhelming meal at other Brampton restaurants , I always tell my wife, we shoulda just gone to Sweet Palace. Now she is agreeing with me.
                                                    Always tasty, plenty ,filling ,
                                                    Casual , but that's OK
                                                    You don't have to know the names of the dishes, just point .
                                                    They will bring everything to your table in a few minutes with fresh Naan
                                                    They sell sweets too. In my opinion, sweets aren't the highlight of indian cuisine.

                                                  2. re: duckdown

                                                    Got to second this one for "Peters on Eglinton" if you want to "Eat Like Pigs" My wife and I go there ocassionally, she orders the SUPER smoked meat, I get a salad. Usually enough left over for a doggy bag. (it is on Eglinton, just east of Tomken) Look for all the wild cats in the back if you're into cats, they feed them regularly out the back door. Another down the road at Renforth Dr. is "The Wild Goose" bar and grill. Varied menu and always cooked to perfection, and you will not go away hungry either. One of our Favs.

                                                    1. Snack Food
                                                      For the past 3 weeks, my( and family) snack food of choice - Wasabi Peas
                                                      Don't know how i missed coming across these before.
                                                      We were in Kincardine and a store had a sample bowl out. I sampled and sampled and finally bought 2 packs. Went back to the beach - kids liked too. Soon all gone. Contemplated returning to store just before closing time to buy some more.
                                                      Gee, I'll bet I could buy these at an Asian store in Brampton.
                                                      Sure enough , Ocean's - SW West Dr//Queen had @ 6 different Wasabi pea brands- from mild to strong. Plus they had, garlic,plain roasted and turmeric flavoured ones too.
                                                      AAA supermarket - NE Kennedy/Queen have them as well, but Ocean's had a bigger selection. All are very similar and all packaging is very similar, making it hard to keep track of the ultimate best brand
                                                      When eating, you get a sinus clearing hit like sushi
                                                      I dare you to eat a handful in one shot.

                                                      1. I live in Brampton

                                                        Try out the new portuguese chicken place / bakery north of Queen , on main , across from the 7-11 downtown

                                                        Awesome custard tarts, good churrasqueira portuguese chicken, and great fresh bread..

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                                                        1. re: duckdown

                                                          agreed....amazing custard tarts at that place...if you continue north on main just past the no frills there is a bakery on the left in a little strip mall that also has excellent stuff!

                                                        2. Toshi Sushi at Gillingham/Main/Bovaird is really good. Take-out sashimi moriawase ($18) contained 15 thick pieces (including BC tuna, red tuna, hamachi, octopus and salmon), garnished with shiso leaves and daikon - no plastic grass dividers!

                                                          Shawarma Queen next door also has very tasty chicken and beef, though pre-sliced and kept warm instead of cut fresh from the spit.

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                                                          1. re: Food Tourist

                                                            Hi food tourist

                                                            I live right around there; while I have never tried the sushi place (can't stand it), shawarma queen does cut it right from the spit alot of times.. Just depends on when you go i guess

                                                            and you can definitely ask for it that way; i've gotten it like that many times

                                                            I do find their meat too salty though, can't eat alot of it, but it is good in small doses

                                                            1. re: Food Tourist

                                                              Toshi Sushi & Shawarma Queen are in the same plaza. South of Boivard on Main. Good stuff. I live in Toronto, so I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

                                                              1. re: 5andman

                                                                If I were in Brampton and craving sushi I would go to Toshi Sushi again. Very pleasant. I wouldn't suggest driving from Toronto to do it as there are a few places here of comparable quality. However, a very nice choice for Bramptoners.

                                                                Any thoughts on Bassano gang? It seems to get overlooked perhaps because its been around so long.

                                                              2. re: Food Tourist

                                                                Do NOT get the "premium nigiri" special for $28 at Toshi. Total ripoff; poor quality for the price.

                                                              3. I'm a very big fan of Lisboa, a Portugese churasqeira on Main St north of Queen. Great charcoal grilled chicken, a nice rotating variety of specials, and really well made (and well priced) desserts. The owner, Carlos, is usually around and is an interesting guy to talk to. Great food, great prices, and they're opening their new bakery right next door to it so the baked goods will be even fresher.

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                                                                1. re: cammurabi

                                                                  That place makes the BEST custard tarts, but their chicken & sides aren't very good (small too)

                                                                  keep travelling on main, north of queen, just past williams parkway and on the right there is another place called Nova Esperanca

                                                                  This is the best churrasqueira in Brampton IMO :) Give it a shot


                                                                  1. re: duckdown

                                                                    We tried Nova Esperanca last Thursday and it was terrible!
                                                                    What's with these people? Do they have too much business? At 5:50 P.M. they were out of salads and wouldn't make more.
                                                                    Then I got scolded because I ordered grilled chicken. Apparently it has to be pre-ordered so you need to have paranormal powers of communication to do business there.
                                                                    The 2 chickens we got were very small as were the sides of rice and potatoes that came with our order. Worst of all the white meat was very overcooked and inedible. What a disappointment. Were they just having a bad day?

                                                                    1. re: iamafoodie

                                                                      Been a while since I've been there to be honest.

                                                                      They are rude as hell there, especially if you have the misfortune of dealing with the man there. The young girl is nice, but the old man is absolutely brutal. Never even thought of ordering a salad from here....

                                                                      I'm kind of sick of Portuguese chicken for some reason, maybe this is why :/

                                                                      Sorry bout that....

                                                                      1. re: duckdown

                                                                        Thanks DD, as long as it wasn't just me. They make the large grocery store chickens seem a bargain. Yes, the young girl looked pained by his antics. She couldn't even look up at me when I paid.

                                                                        1. re: iamafoodie

                                                                          It really is a shame, because they really do make a great chicken... Definitely the best in Brampton if you ask me, because the only other competition is Martins BBQ and the new place downtown Brampton (Even smaller chickens!)

                                                                          I have a question -- which did you end up going with for the chicken: Grilled or rotisserie? Because the grilled chicken is always dry no matter which churrasqueira I buy it from (Including Bom Apetite on the Queensway, which is the best in Toronto)

                                                                          The rotisserie version at Nova is really quite good

                                                                          1. re: duckdown

                                                                            DD, we ended up getting the 2 disappointing rotisserie chix as I certainly didn't want to be around Cranky Cook any longer than necessary, certainly not the 45 minutes for a grilled chicken. They were somewhat tasty, but the overcooked texture ruined the experience. The leg meat just fell off the bones when I was cutting them off the carcass. However, I must admit that I prefer just-done chicken and dark meat over white. I suspect he gave me two he had leftover from lunch and had been kept warm all afternoon. They were that dry and shrunken.
                                                                            I may give them another try someday because I am still curious about Portuguese chicken.
                                                                            Thanks for the tip on Bon Appetite.

                                                                  2. re: cammurabi

                                                                    Had the most amazing catered meal last night from Lisboa on Main/Church. Both chicken and fish were succulent and tender, and the sides were all decent. I especially enjoyed the marinated grilled veggies. Nice custard tarts, too. $300.00 for 25 people including delivery!

                                                                  3. A group of 6 of us went to dinner at Aggie Martin last Friday ad it was one of the best meals I've had in Brampton. This place used to be a cafe and clothing store until Restaurant Makeover came in and turned it into a french restaurant. Out of our group we had chateau briand, lamb chops and a stuffed chicken as well as escargot and a special salad for appies. Lamb chops were excellent and everyone raved about there meals. Nothing overly pricey, chops were $29 and it was a good portion. Wine selection was very good as well. The only con was that the mixed drinks were $8 each which thought was a bit high for a Brampton restaurant but it's a minor quibble.
                                                                    Highly recommend for anyone in the area.

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                                                                    1. re: cheezy1

                                                                      Have heard lots of other CH people praise this place also

                                                                      Too bad I'm a take-out guy

                                                                    2. I'll be spending the last week of February in Brampton - any suggestions for vegetarian-friendly places to try?

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                                                                      1. re: devoir

                                                                        Hopefully not.. (Just kidding, I like giving vegan's a hard time ;) )

                                                                        You could try that vegetarian buffet place, Brar I think it's called. Never tried it, Indian food is my least favorite food in the world (way overspiced for me)