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Aug 29, 2006 02:56 AM

Brampton chow

I'm starting yet another new job, this time in Brampton, near Bovaird and 410, off Richvale (Notre Dame). I'll be taking the 427 to 401 to 410 to get there and back but I'm always open to detours for good chow.

I would love to know about ALL good chow in the region, including grocery stores, markets, take-out, catering, bakeries, fast food, bars and restaurants. Thanks! Even if a place only has one good item, please let me know. I eat everything in any price range.

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  1. I like Kwality Sweets on Steeles. Good for lunch--great samosas.

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      Finally made it to Kwality for lunch yesterday. The Handi chicken ($9) is absolutely amazing! So tasty and succulent. Also enjoyed a lacha (plain) paratha ($2.50) and a tall glass of mango lassi ($2.75). Things are definitely not cheap at Kwality, considering the fast-food atmosphere. Chicken dish came with a small side salad. Also tried some sweets (e.g. the "watermelon" cashew burfi) but they were oddly-flavoured with a strange aftertaste and quite dry. (Definitely nowhere near as good as the same style of sweets I enjoyed on Kisutu Street in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in August!) $2.75 bought 4 small sweets. I can't wait to go back for a complete meal!

    2. Definitely go to Brar Sweets in a strip mall near Dixie & Steeles. It used to be a bit of a dive, but now it's a trendy looking cafeteria-style place. All-vegetarian Indian fare, and the absolute best thing is the $5.99 thali (3 vegetable curries, rice, bread, dessert). They have a few other locations, including a buffet somewhere in Brampton, but I enjoy this location the most.

      Brar Sweets
      199 Advance Boulevard Unit 12
      Brampton, ON

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        Brar is okay. I went in between lunch and dinner hour and had to eat "snacks" in the take-out area. Accidentally received a samosa platter, consisting of samosas smothered in channa. Paneer pakoras were fairly average. Bought masala cashews which had a rotten egg sulfur smell. Sweets were decent. I will have to try again, particularly the buffet or thali.

      2. For Jamaican, try the strip mall at the corner of torbram & Queen ....
        For hakka Chinese & Indian, try the strip mall on torbram, 1 block north of bovaird ...
        For simple Italian sandwich, try the bakery on Torbram just a little bit north of Queen.
        For spicy chicken, try Nando's Queen st & Bramalea.
        For traditional deli smoked meat, try Switzer's Torbram & Kimbel.
        Good Luck

        1. Went to the Kingsley Chinese Restaurent at Kennedy and Clarence in Brampton last night. It's surprisingly authentic Cantonese food; had the shrimps on Chinese broccoli and the first bite made me think I was in Hong Kong! The other dish we had was a Taiwanese Wine and Vinegar Chicken (or "3-cups Chicken") which was tasty but lacking in a sauce. The portions were huge, there were 16 large shrimps on the plate, and the chicken hotpot was easily twice the size of what you would get downtown. It wasn't cheap though, the bill came to $48 for two (incl. tax and tip) with 1 drink. The only bad thing about the place is its total lack of decor, just bare walls all around. But would definitely go again.

          BTW there is also a big Chinese supermarket in the same mall. And a Vietnamese restaurent too. But for VN food I prefer the one next to Big Al's on Kennedy, I think it's called Bamboo Garden or something.

          1. Italian Garden on Hurontario, north of Bovaird has delicious huge zucchini stuffed with rice and spinach. Their other food looks great, too. It's cash only, however. $9 incl. tax bought me average lasagne and the yummy stuffed zucchini.

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              However, Italian Garden has the WORST veal sandwich I've ever tasted.