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what to do with a bottle of white zin???

No, I did not buy it. Hosted book group and one of the attendees brought it. Can't stand the stuff (reminds me of when I was 16!) but I thought there might be some punch recipe or something I could do with it like a spritzer. I hate waste . . . thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Take it to a party and sneak it onto the drinks table when no one's looking.

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      Oh, I just couldn't . . . I'm thinking with some seltzer and a big squeeze of lime and ice, it might be okay. MIGHT.

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        I think I re-gifted a bottle of white zin once to a very forgiving friend. You can also disguise it as a sangria.

    2. I think the new Giada De Laurentis (sp?) cookbook has a recipe for an aperitif that uses rose wine and sage leaves steeped together. Sorry, I don't have the cookbook or the recipe, but maybe another person does?

      She suggests that you give it as a hostess or holiday gift.

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        White zinfandel's not a substitute for rose.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Amen! It is a cardinal sin to even think white zin could be used as a substitute for rose

          1. re: Candy

            As a wine to drink in itself, I agree with you both.

            However, as a mere punch or cocktail ingredient that someone is trying to get rid of, I don't believe it's such a cardinal sin.


      2. Home-made white zin Strawberry Jello. I'm eating a variation of that now.

        The wine just adds color and the strawberry flavor takes over. I love this stuff, it brings out the juiciness of the berries and is just lucious.

        Here's a link to a version I did with white Merlot. Wine variety doesn't matter too much, actually the less expensive the better since going pricy doesn't add a thing.


        I've played around with this alot and have it down to the simplest version:

        1 pint of strawberries, quartered
        1 cup white zin
        1/4 cup of sugar
        1/2 cup water
        1/2 cup apple juice ... the boxed type
        1 packet of Knox gelatin

        1. Combine wine and sugar and bring to a boil
        2. Add strawberries and simmer 5 minutes
        3. In a heat proof bowl or pot, combine apple juice and water, then sprinkle with gelatin and let sit 5 minutes
        4. Add hot strawberry mixture to apple juice/gelatin
        5. Stir and cool on the counter (about 1 hour
        )6. Put in cups (I use tupperware) and chill about 2 hours

        Lasts a week and can be frozen for a sorbet/granita like texture.

        I orgininally followed a Martha Stewart recipe and didn't need to get so fussy. She calls for cooling the mixture in an ice bath.

        I made the exact same recipe using an ice bath and one that was just left on the counter. They turned out identically.

          1. Blech is right. Nasty stuff. What about using it to make a "white-ish" sangria? Just cut down on any added sugar in the recipe.

            1. Wash the bath tub with it.

              1. One bottle of white zin.
                Two med size carrots.

                Slice both carrots into medium sticks. Simmer one of the carrots in the white zin for about 5 minutes.

                Throw the white zin/carrot mix out and eat the remaining fresh carrot sticks with a sauce of choice and a glass of good chilled Pouilly Fume.

                Good Luck, Roberto

                1. Sangria comes to mind. Lots of fruit, maybe add another bottle or two of another white wine? That would hopefully be enough to cover up the white zin...

                  1. Along the lines of sangria, make a german "bowle" out of it by throwing in peaches and some liqueur...oughta be enough to make you forget you're drinking a wine that went through a centrifuge!