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Aug 29, 2006 02:26 AM

Pancakes for one?

I love pancakes, but I never make them now that I live alone because I don't want to make a full batch. Does anyone have a recipe to make 3-4 pancakes?

(BTW, I know they keep and that I could freeze extras. But I know myself, and if there are pancakes, I will eat them all - precisely what I am trying to avoid.)

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  1. Here's what I do at home:

    Pick your favorite pancake recipe. (Lately I've been using the w/w recipe in Joy of Cooking, and subbing corn meal for some of the white flour.) Mix the dry ingredients for one whole recipe and then weigh the result. Then decide what fraction of a full recipe you would want to make, and note what that fraction of the dry mix would weigh. Note what amount of the wet ingredients you'll want to use, rounding up for the egg (it'll almost certainly be no more than one whole egg). Then you can keep a double or triple batch of the dry mix on hand, and weigh out one breakfast's worth whenever you want. It really works well for us. Enjoy!

    1. I make pancake batter (1/2 it) usually and make the number of pancakes that I want. Then leave the batter in the fridge until the next day. I have also made the entire batch of pancakes. Froze them, and toasted them, which isn't the same... but its still pretty decent. (saw this on good eats)

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        I use AB's recipe and they're fantastic.

        I'd just use it and halve the recipe. I get about 9 pancakes.


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          Yup! SO made AB's recipe for me last week and it was EXCELLENT. I like how he makes it into a pancake mix, so you can just make as much as you want and store the rest for later! :)


      2. Note, I have NOT tried it, but it has adjustable amounts, so you can pare it down to 3-4 fresh pancakes. If you try it, please let us know results.

        1. My pancake formula: measure out some baking mix (any kind you have in the pantry, even cornbread or gingerbread). Add an equal amount of buttermilk or milk. (Go a little skimpier if it's milk.) Add an egg. For two cups of flour or more, add another egg.

          This works because pancakes can be as eggy - or not- as you want.

          3/4 cup of flour should give you a lumberjack's breakfast.

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          1. re: Sharuf

            99cent store has a really good pancake mix-all you add is water. easy to make one serving at a time!!

          2. Don't make yourself crazy -

            I go to T.J's and by their swedish pancake mix and just mix water or milk w/the batter for a few. Adjust the H20/milk to create the thickness you want. If I want to fill as a crepe, I make thinner, if I want to just butter and add maple syrup, I make thicker. It's so great and easy! :)KQ