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Aug 29, 2006 02:25 AM

Northbay Breakfast

Looking for a good breakfast north of SF, but not too far.

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  1. Bubba's in San Anselmo

    Sol Food in San Rafael

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    1. re: Chubby

      My one experience at Sol Food was good, but they have exactly 2 breakfast dishes and the place is beyond tiny.

      Maybe when they open the new restaurant they will have more items for breakfast.

      1. re: rworange

        I don't know about Sol Food's new restaurant? Is it the place being remodeled half a block away on Lincoln? They are giving up the corner space?

        1. re: Sharon S.

          No. It will be next door to Mambo's Cafe. Two different Puerto Rican restaurants side by side. Maybe the other one won't be vegetarian-oriented. Here's all I know.

      2. re: Chubby

        If you're going as far as San Rafael, the best breakfast in Marin, IMO, is at Le Croissant on Bellam. You can sit outside on a nice day and (downside) get a view of SR's grubbiest district.

        1. re: Chubby

          I love Sol Food but not for breakfast. It's a very limited breakfast menu, and the ham, egg, etc. panini-like sandwich I had was pretty boring, saved only by dipping it in their great pique hot sauce. They also have eggs over rice, not my thing but it might be yours.

        2. Dipsea Cafe - Mill Valley; good menu, can get crowded though

          1. Give Fred's (on Bridgeway) in Sausalito a try...

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            1. re: Sarah

              I've tried to like Fred's several times over many years since it's so popular with a lot of people, but I've always come away with a "not so great" impression. What finally got to me was one time sitting at the counter and watching them fix my french toast. After soaking the bread in the batter and cooking it on the grill, then then dunked it into the deep frier. Ugh.

            2. I guess I don't understand what "North of SF" means to you. All of the suggestions are technically North of SF, but they don't seem far enough away to be considered anything but in the SF Bayarea.

              A little more than an hour north (depending on the 101 parking lot that is usual in the Santa Rosa area), there's the Wildwood Market which is actually mostly a cafe in Grayton, CA, east of Santa Rosa. It's an amazing place and has great b'fasts. It's also lovely to sit outside in their back patio.

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              1. In Mill Valley, Toast on Sunnyside (used to be the Sunnyside Cafe). Very tasty. And also, for an old fashioned, authentic coffee shop -- the Shoreline Cafe in the Tam Valley area mall. Santi, the owner, and some of the waitresses have been there since the 60s. A treasure!
                While you're there, don't forget to stop at the coffee stand outside Video Droid (only in the morning). Best coffee and espresso in Marin!