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Aug 28, 2006 03:09 PM

Slow Food Discussion Continued [Split from California board]

Josh, are you really sure you know what Slow Food is about? Having started in Italy over a decade ago, it's a movement that attempts to preserve cuilinary and agricultural heritage, while supporting local products, small-producers, and individually-owned restaurants. So much of what we see today--the rise of local farmer's markets, the awareness of quality ingredients in restaurants--is tied to this movement, directly or indirectly. In fact Chowhound itself is a step-child of Slow Food. Perhaps some people/places use the "slow food" label in an opportunistic way, but I assure you, it is neither an organization nor a concept cobbled together for cynical purposes of marketing and promotion. Any group whose mission statement (and name) is intended to stand up against mass-produced, mass-marketed "food" and to raise awareness of alternatives is alright by me.

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