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Aug 29, 2006 01:28 AM

Chocolate Bouchon Dessert special at Bouchon, Yountville

Bouchon finally has a chocoholic dessert option! Similar to a dessert served at the Bouchon in Las Vegas, it is three chocolate "bouchons"--dense chocolate cake in the shape of a cork, with chocolate sauce (I think the same as they serve with the profiteroles), cocoa nibs, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The waiter mentioned that this would be a regular special, though not actually on the printed menu. I would have liked even more of the chocolate sauce, but it was still very good!

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  1. You can also play the home version if you go to Bouchon Bakery next door and pick up some Bouchon for the road,

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      Yes, but at $2 apiece for the bouchon at the bakery, and $8 for the dessert, I'd rather just stop in to the bistro.