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Aug 29, 2006 01:24 AM

My annual dining in Manhattan trip

Well I can't think of a catchy title so hopefully I'll get some replies. So every year we come to Manhattan and eat a lot. I'm not as interested anymore in places they are too fancy frou frou pretentious...we used to always do that. What I mostly want is great food and am wondering what is new since we've last been there. What we have really loved the past couple of trips has been Prune, The Red Cat, and Lupa to name a few...if that helps you know our tastes...we love tapas, Italian, and Vietnamese and unfortunately can't eat sushi right now.

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  1. I would try to hit Tia Pol, the amazing tapas bar near Red Cat in Chelsea. How about doing Korean BBQ on 32nd Street? I like every place I've been to so you should search this board for recs. Lupa is still wonderful and now offers a tasting menu. You could also try Tides on the lower east side for a great seafood meal in a great neighborhood. Enjoy your trip and please report back!


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      I was going to suggest Tia Pol too. It's one of my faves. Make sure you get the fried chickpeas.

    2. I'd try Spigolo on the Upper East Side for a cozy Italian. Great pastas, great desserts and a really nice atmosphere..It's one of my new faves this year..

      1. I had two good meals recently:
        Austrian - Wallsee in the West Village, a handsome place, good service, well prepared fine food.
        Japanese - Donguri, 309 E 83rd. Not a sushi place but plenty of raw fish and other interesting offerings. Top of my list for a return visit.

        1. I second Tia Pol and would add Falai (on Clinton street) for Italian.

          1. i recently went to crispo on 14th btwn 7th & 8th and it was awesome, not pretentious at all and WONDERFUL food. delicious pastas, and my favorite-zeppoles for dessert!

            for spanish, we love cafe espanol on carmine. cute small place, again not prententious, but great food. they have a lobster special that is fantastic. great paella!