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Aug 29, 2006 12:34 AM

Joyful Garden- Allston, Days In

I have not heard anything about the place on these boards. I have had dinner twice and I have been impressed. Finally a nice sit down semi upscale Chinese location. They have the Linen and napkins and the food General Gau's, Crab Rangoon and Scallion Pancakes have been terrific. It's in a hotel but the place is nice. I have seen alot of Chinese , large groups which is alway's a good sign. Remember When In Rome.......CJ

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  1. Thanks for posting on this place. I've passed it dozens of times and been curious. I'm always a little wary of small hotel chain restaurants and that location has been a little cursed but I will try it based on your positive experience. Are they primarily American-Chinese or are there regional Chinese dishes on the menu? How are the prices?

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      It is a pretty extensive menu and the prices are in line. They also do crab and lobster dishes. Fish tanks add to the decor. The owner is not affiliated to the Hotel and also owns a place near Fenway Park[Didn't get the name though]Let us know what you think if you try it. Oh Yeah pretty good Mai Tai's as well.

    2. When in Rome... eat General Gau's?

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        It's that whole Marco Polo connection.

        Thanks for the post - Anything associated with Days Inn typically scares me - although I remember having a rehearsal dinner at a Days Inn in Washington D.C. that catered to Koreans - can't quite remember if the family cooked or the hotel, but that was some darn awesome kim chi.

      2. My boss, who is from a town just outside Guilin, has recommended this restaurant to me. He thinks it's as good as anything in Chinatown without the parking aggravation. Still haven't made it over there.

        1. The name comes up on Xanga a few times... that's gotta be positive, right?

          1. This is the Days Inn on Western Ave? Do they have a full liquor license?