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Aug 29, 2006 12:25 AM

redwhite&bluezz - anyone tried?

anyone tried this joint yet? my husband and i drove by to look at the menu. roughly 50% of the entrees are priced at $30 and over. a bit steep for a relatively unknown chef, we thought. so we thought we'd ask first. thanks!

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  1. How funny, we passed by the other night and wondered the same.

    1. I just noticed them on Open Table and was checking here to see if anyone has been! I like the idea of the Bluezz, but when you go to their calendar, there is nothing listed.

      Oh, and Open Table states that the price is $30 and under so I'm interested to know that most of the items are more expensive. I hope someone will report back.

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        1. just to clarify, i stated about 50% not mostly. if i can remember correctly, i remember the filet, lamb chop and kurobuta pork all being in the over $30 category. there were other over $30, but i'm not 100% sure and i don't want to misspeak. i also remember the kobe burger was $18. whoa.

          1. The original comment has been removed