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Aug 29, 2006 12:23 AM

this is embarrassing, but...

my boyfriend and i want to choose one of the restaurants from the tv show "restaurant makeover" to try. any recommendations?

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  1. Don't be embarassed! I love that show ;)

    I like College Street Bar a lot. Great beers on tap, good wines, and tasty food reasonably priced. I was there with my BF for our three year anniversary in February; cozy for couples!

    I think the owner changed a couple of things back to pre-RM (e.g. wall colour) so it's interesting to note not everything stays the same after a makeover.

    1. i'd vote for via olivetto (bloor btwn spadina and bathurst). never had a bad meal there, before or after the reno.

      1. I too, love that show. Unfortunately, the only restaurant post-RM that we've been to is the Silk Road Café. I was impressed with the new decor. The previous one was starting to get a little gungy. The food was good, but not drastically different.

        I would like to try the Town Grill as I've heard good things about it.

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          I can recommend the Town Grill as I was there fairly recently. Had the pea soup with a toasted curry oil to start and it was excellent, for a main I had the beef tenderloin which tasted nice but arrived lukewarm, likely due to the fact that we were a large party and I don't know if the kitchen staff exceeds 1. For dessert I had the "warm butterscotch-walnut brownie" which was delicious.

          Service was terrific - our server was a co-owner (the wife of one of the two male owners featured on the show). And she was happy to recount funny stories about the makeover when we brought it up.