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Aug 28, 2006 11:57 PM

Back to Calgary

I lived in Calgary about 5 years ago and am heading back for the first time since then to visit some friends for a week. I'd like to try the spots that chowhounders love -- if you could pick just 3 of your current fave restaurants, what would you pick?

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  1. Capo
    The Belevedere

    1. Rouge
      St Germain / Raw Bar (Both in the new Hotel Arts)

      1. Tiffin's Curry and Roti House (Ismaili-style Indian w/ fresh rotis)
        Centini (Convo Centre Italian)
        Han's (Taiwanese by way of Malaysia in a tiny Chinatown resto)

        1. Wow, definitely starting at the higher end thus far :)

          Bow Bulgogi (for lunch)

          1. and at the very low end for Yen...

            Matsarang House (CHEAP but delicious Korean in the Tarjan Point condos)
            Shawarma King (not dirt cheap but huuuuuuuuge portions)
            Banh Mi Thi Thi (best Viet subs in Canada, gotta say)

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            1. re: John Manzo


              I will never understand your fascination with Shawarma King, other than they are open until 4am. I find their food to be barely passable... but one man's trash... :)

              1. re: yen

                Hey- gobstopper likes Mango Shiva, pick on him! :)

                I like the garlic mayo at the King, and the fact that they make their own turnip pickles- in fact they were one of the first places in Calgary that I found with turnip pickles. Plus the owner looks like Mr Slate from the Flinstones, and Mr Slate has been a cartoon fetish for me from way back.