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Aug 28, 2006 11:49 PM

Has anyone eaten at Ristorante La Mora outside of Lucca?

I have heard some people mention it as a good spot (I know it has one michelin star and was rated as one of Italy's top 50 restaurants) but I want to know exactly how much it costs (on-line its rated as very expensive). I went to its website and it said 40 Euro for a tasting menu and 45 Euro for a Seafood tasting menu. Are those prices accurate? And for those who have been, how was the food and what did you have.

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  1. I was there 10 years ago. It is a friendly restaurant, with good traditional food, in an elegant way. I like "honest" food and was very pleased. They have a large winelist, including the best local wines, which are good quality, but not world wide known. Try them!
    I was pleased that it had not been a very expensive evening.

    1. The Times posted an article on Lucca and its famous restaurants. They specifically mention La Mora, check it out:

      1. Hi there, a bit late in response. Yes I've eaten there, with friends but it was a while ago. I think 2004 or 2005. It was delicious and worth every penny. What was especially noteworthy is - an abundance of local wines starting at 10 Euro's (at least 12 of them) and going up. And the kids loved the deserts so much they ordered a second. Lots of stuff we got didn't appear on the bill (which was very good for a 1 star) - such as some apperitivo's.
        I advised some neighbours to go there but unfortunately they couldn't find it. Greetings from Zaandam

        1. Yes, and it is very good, pehaps Lucca's best restaurant.

          But I wanted to put in a good word for La Locanda di Sesto, right by it, which is also very good and less costly. More down to earth, very good wines, fabulous Fiorentina steaks, you'll see nearly everyone orders this here.