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Aug 28, 2006 11:49 PM

Cheapest place to buy mason jars?

I'm at my wits end. I know I can get a dozen pint sized mason jars for under $12 (Ralph's). But where?

Big lots--nope
Local hardware stores--nope

I would call Surfas, but it's probably not cheap there either.

What less known places have canning jars? I'm wondering if a place in Koreatown or the Latino neighborhoods would have cheaper mason jars. I'm sure they do, but I don't know the names of any places. Please help me!

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  1. Someone gave me a case of canning jars from Big Lots but before using them I bought all new jar caps, not the screw bands. Who knows how old those jar caps were? Proably with replacing the caps there was not much money saved

      1. re: LT from LF

        Thank you! I should have thought of that myself.

        For boxes of twelve:

        1/2 pint-$6.89

        1 pint-$8.49 (or close)

        They have at least three sizes, but those were the prices I asked for. They have two brands too! Still less than the rest of the country's probably paying, but that's what I get for living in West LA.

      2. I've bought mine at How's Market in San Marino -- I think for less than $12. They have a number of other locations; there might be one close to you.

        1. I bought some 2 years ago at OSH hardware store. You could call and ask the prices, because I can't remember.

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            OSH is where I get mine as well. A little less than the grocery stores. Around $10 for the pint sized if I remember correctly.
            Have bought them at Big Lots in the past (around $4.99 for pint sized) and used their lids/seals and they worked fine. Recently, though, they only seem to have the larger sized ones when I prefer the pint for my jams.