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Cheapest place to buy mason jars?

I'm at my wits end. I know I can get a dozen pint sized mason jars for under $12 (Ralph's). But where?

Big lots--nope
Local hardware stores--nope

I would call Surfas, but it's probably not cheap there either.

What less known places have canning jars? I'm wondering if a place in Koreatown or the Latino neighborhoods would have cheaper mason jars. I'm sure they do, but I don't know the names of any places. Please help me!

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  1. Someone gave me a case of canning jars from Big Lots but before using them I bought all new jar caps, not the screw bands. Who knows how old those jar caps were? Proably with replacing the caps there was not much money saved

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        Thank you! I should have thought of that myself.

        For boxes of twelve:

        1/2 pint-$6.89

        1 pint-$8.49 (or close)

        They have at least three sizes, but those were the prices I asked for. They have two brands too! Still less than the rest of the country's probably paying, but that's what I get for living in West LA.

      2. I've bought mine at How's Market in San Marino -- I think for less than $12. They have a number of other locations; there might be one close to you.

        1. I bought some 2 years ago at OSH hardware store. You could call and ask the prices, because I can't remember.

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            OSH is where I get mine as well. A little less than the grocery stores. Around $10 for the pint sized if I remember correctly.
            Have bought them at Big Lots in the past (around $4.99 for pint sized) and used their lids/seals and they worked fine. Recently, though, they only seem to have the larger sized ones when I prefer the pint for my jams.

            1. I think I've seen them at Cost Plus, but not sure if they're still there.

              1. I just bought some up north at an Ace Hardware store. I was told that Long's Drugs carries them too. Frankly, I did buy all my canning supplies up north in Eureka (where I was stuck while DH did some business)because canning is much more popular in that area of the state. I would check the hardware store in downtown Culver City too. I don't think it's B&B but a smaller one near Main Street. I recall a post from last year where someone found a good selection there. Who knows about the price!

                1. I hate Mason Jars cause my hand is not small enought to get in there and clean them well.

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                  1. I'm a smart and final gal.

                    A dozen half pints for about $8, over $8 (but below 9 if they are not on sale.) That's less than 70ยข a jar, including the new lid and gasket.

                    I can every year and once Big Lots stopped carrying them, Smart and Final beat everyone in town.

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                        They end up charging a dollar a jar, which is $3 more than smart and final if you are buying a dozen.

                        I suggest checking Target online and locally. Sometimes they will have them on sale cheaper than Smart and Final. But for everyday best pricing - S & F it is!

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                          99 cents has something that looks like a mason jar but is of unknown quality and origin. Not an actual canning brand. Not worth the risk.

                        2. What about those cheaper restaurant depot type places? The one on Washington Blvd near crenshaw? The one at Fairfax near Wilshire?

                            1. Ace Hardware online 12 pint jars for $7.00 and you can arrange free pickup at your local store.

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                              1. Sarabeths is talking about Bargain Fair, I believe. They have them, but not sure what the price is.