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Aug 28, 2006 11:34 PM

I am looking for a seafood restaurant that isnt that expensive

Help! I am new to DC, and I LOVE SEAFOOD! But I am on a tight budget. Does anyone know where I could go and get some of those famous Maryland Crab Cakes in DC? Or parts of MD?

Or any places that I may be able to save up for?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Go to C.F. Folks, a lunch place on 19th just south of Dupont Circle. You'll never spend $10.95 a better way.

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    1. re: CMACDC

      c.f. folks is open only for midweek lunch, by the way. You'd have to try very hard to find a better crabcake.

    2. I have been meaning to try Santa Rosa Seafood in Adams Morgan for a long time. Sorry to recommend a restaurant that I haven't tried yet, but their menu looks really good and offers a 15% coupon.

      (I should have read the whole post. They don't serve crabcakes; it's a Peruvian style seafood restaurant)

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      1. re: jrsmoltz

        Santa Rosa is good, but not stellar. I eat there a tad less than once a year. Nice grilled offerings for the most part (as opposed to the fried seafood approach at El Puerto on Columbia Pike) with decent sauces. Dining al fresco on 18th is nice before going out, too.

        If you're up for a drive, go down rt 5 towards Patuxent and seek out Thompsons Corner Market. They have great uncooked crabcakes, but still a good menu to choose from. No dining except the park bench across the parking lot. From Rosco:

        Try these people - a little ways into St. Mary's County on Rt. 5 (call ahead to confirm the exact size of hard shell crab you're looking for - they also have nice sized softshells for $5/ea):

        Seafood Corner Market (also known as Thompson's Seafood)
        (301) 884-5251
        Fax (301) 884-2920
        Open Tuesday - Sunday

      2. I think the Market Lunch at Eastern Market is a great place to go for crabcakes. Not too expensive and a fun, enjoyable place to go. Keep in mind that on Saturdays, they serve breakfast (including the blueberry buckwheat pancakes), so that's not the best time to go since the line often snakes down the block (unless, of course, you like waiting in lines -- truth be told, it is some great people watching...).