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Aug 28, 2006 11:20 PM

lunch near Columbia

With the start of the school year, I am looking for inspiration. I travel to Bank St college once a month and eat lunch with my colleagues on Friday. We've been regulars at Le Monde and Tomo and occasionally stray to Symposium. Any other ideas for Broadway between 110 and 114th? Anyone been to the new barbecue place on 110th?

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    1. When I was a student at Columbia my saving grace was The Mill (around 112th and Broadway)- it is very tiny and crowded but very good, cheap korean (generally cheaper than in midtown). Because it used to be a diner, try a lime rickey soda with your bibimbop.
      Another idea is ethiopian- I forgot the address but there was a very popular hangout on amsterdam (just do a menupages search)
      I never tried Le Monde- how was it?

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        Le Monde is OK but just that. good salads, mussels and frites, decent burgers, omlettes. Nice when you can sit outside. I'm just bored with it.

      2. You could hike up to Max Soha, 123rd & Am. (There is also another Italian on that block IRRC.) Don't know for sure if they do weekday lunch.

        Or you could slum it and do pizza at V & T!