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Aug 28, 2006 11:09 PM

RE: Oysters in Seattle?

I'm in Seattle all of this week and would like a recommendation(s) for a best place to buy fresh oysters/clams to take home and shuckle. I'm looking for a place that has live tanks.

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  1. Try Central Market in Shoreline, 155th and Aurora. Be aware that we're having a bad red tide right now, from the top of Puget Sound down, and while it hasn't hit the primary commercial beds yet, it might, and you don't want to be the person who finds out if it has. I'm sure the store is on top of the situation, though. They usually have some real nice ones from Hammersley Inlet, mmm.

    1. University Seafood and Poultry also has oysters in tanks. Also, Taylor Shellfish has a booth at the U Distric Farmers Market (as well as other farmers markets, I imagine).

      1. uwajimaya in the international district has enormous tanks with the largest variety of live seafood in seattle. also, jack's fish spot in the market has tanks (the only ones in the market) and occasionally has oysters in them.

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          Thank you all for suggestions! I will check them out in the next few days and report my take on them based on my experience with oysters in SFO and YVR the way...the best way to order oysters in a restaurant (especially if "red tide" is an issue") is to ask for "vibrio" on the side...alsways confuses the serv servers;)