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Aug 28, 2006 10:53 PM

PHX - Pho in East Valley?


Two years in the East Valley, and I have yet to find a place for good pho - not that I've looked much in the hot summer months! I'm now expecting our second munchkin and craving comfort food, regardless of the outside temps. Anyone have any recommendations?


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  1. Which places have you tried and rejected?

    Frankly, I've never had *bad* pho in the east valley. Maybe I wouldn't know it if it hit me. I always figure if it's bad, it's my fault for adding too much/little in the way of condiments.

    Yen Mi next to LeeLee's is my favorite. But Cyclo makes a good bowl, and so does the place at Rural & University, by Delhi Palace.

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      the place ny Delhi Palace is Nhat. I've heard the one by Mesa Community College is better. And the weird mural on the wall at Nhat made my head spin.

    2. Honestly, it was awhile ago, and I can't even remember. I think it was somewhere in Chandler. Obviously, the pho was worth forgetting.

      1. I've had consistently good pho at a place on the north side of Southern just east of Dobson. I can't remember the name, but it was in the same shopping center as a Cheba Hut. Since I can't find a listing at Google maps, it's possible the place I'm thinking of is no longer in business.

        Here's a place nearby that I have not tried, but the Web site looks promising:

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          I believe that place next to the Cheba Hut is called AZN and also serves bubble tea. Most people go in to buy bubble tea, but they do make a good bowl of pho.

          Just down the street at Southern & Extension there is a Vietnamese place that also has consistently good pho, and they have more of the odder meats like tripe and tendon. Ironically, I can't remember the name of this one even though I used to eat there every week since I worked nearby.

          I tried Cyclo's pho and found it to be sadly bland, though I like a lot of their other dishes.

        2. Dragonfly Vietnamese Kitchen - (480) 464-1455 - 1116 S Dobson Rd Ste 113, Mesa, AZ

          This is in a strip mall on the west side of the street. My friend that is far more experienced than I am in this style of cuisine says it is far and away the best in town.

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            There's a favorable review of Dragonfly in today's Republic:


          2. I think Saigon Pho has the best pho in the east valley.