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Aug 28, 2006 10:20 PM

Dave & Buster's: One Hour+ for Chips, Salsa, and Fries

Has anyone had a positive experience lodging a complaint with D&B? I almost don't want to waste my time, since I'm pretty sure anything I e-mail will merely be a source of back room laughter for the !$*(s who work there. But here goes the rant:

I wasn't there for the food, I wasn't there for the games, I wasn't even really there because there was nowhere else to go. I went because I've never been, it was close to where we ate dinner, and it seemed like if I stuck to a drink at the bar my friends and I would have a place to chat without going through too much trouble.

It seemed like the server was going around to other tables and getting orders, but we didn't bother calling him for awhile because we had gotten drinks at the bar. Finally, decided we wanted some salsa and chips and an order of fries.

It took ten minutes to get his attention.

Ten minutes later we asked about our order. He said the kitchen was backed up and it would be awhile. We said okay (why didn't he tell us that on his own?)

More time passes. We ask again. He says it'll be ten minutes, fifteen max, and that there's only one cook left in the kitchen (of a two floor, enormous restaurant...suspicious). Especially because all we wanted were salsa and chips and fries. Other people were getting their sandwich orders, and they had fries on the side. Couldn't our fries have come out of the same fryer?

More time passes. The only person in our group with a watch says that it's been an hour since our initial order. Then, we see a different waiter bring the girls at the next table....a plate of chips with salsa! Hey! That's what we ordered!

I get up to find a manager. He gives me some BS about how he's about to shut down the kitchen because they're too backed up and there's some kind of emergency. I said "I understand a back up, but I don't understand an hour for chips and salsa and fries, and I don't understand why everyone else around us has been getting served fries and chips and salsa but we haven't gotten anything."

I think we just had a really flakey server. At one point we tried to flag him down and another server was wildly mouthing to him "YOUR TABLE!" and pointing.

Still, I was horrified when they charged us the full price for hour hour-late chips and fries. The chips were probably from under a heat lamp, the cheese was microwaved Velveeta, the salsa was scooped from a jar, and the fries were soggy. They're telling me none of this could come out in over an hour because there was only one cook? Stuff like that is probably usually assembled by the waiter anyway. I know desserts are!

It's just not worth the aggravation. I know, it's my own fault for going there.

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  1. Does anyone go to D+B's to eat?

    1. you go for drinks. They always messed up my tab and everyone else I know's tab. None of the food it really that good.

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      1. re: mabziegurl

        I knew it wasn't going to be good, which is why I stuck to basics. Chips out of a bag, salsa out of a can, and fries.

        How on earth was I supposed to know it would take over an hour?

        1. re: Pei

          Because it's Dave & Busters. You just don't eat there. You go there to play and maybe get drunk. Complaining about the food and service at DAve & Busters is like complaining you have to take home leftovers from your oversalted, bloated meal at the Texas Cheesekake Suppository.

          And email complaints just get deleted by the recipient. You have to either write a formal letter to the corporate HQ, copying the manager of the store, or call personally. If you're lucky, you might get some coupons for free games.

          If you're unlucky, you might get a coupon for free chips and salsa.

      2. Whether or not you should have known better than to order food at D&B (and really, if they serve food, you should get it in a timely fashion, especially something as simple as chips and fries), I'd still send a letter to their corporate headquarters letting them know about your experience. The worst thing that happens is you waste a stamp and a few minutes of time typing up the letter (which you've already written, for the most part) in this post.

        Dave & Buster's World Headquarters
        2481 Manana Drive
        Dallas, TX 75220

        1. As GI Joe says... now you know... and knowing is half the battle...