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Aug 28, 2006 10:11 PM

SF: Belmar - La Gallinita Mexicatessen at 24th & Harrison ... albondigas ?

I will be in SF this week and stumbled across some info about La Gallinita while looking for something else.

It seems like they are a meat market, but also sell some prepared food. Does anyone have more info about what is availble?

The link below to a SF Chronicle article says ...

“In the market's tiny luncheonette, the air is filled with aromas from a small, changing menu that includes caldo de res (beef soup), birria (goat stew), menudo (tripe soup), tacos and tamales.”

A search on the market turns up that they also cater. There was a brief chowhound mention about the albondigas

Seems like one door is always closed and to get to the meat market, enter through the deli/liquor store. Are they the same owner or does the meat market just share the space?

Mainly they get mentions for the fresh lard that is free of trans fats, sold in bulk and inexpensive.

I have a little taqueria and meat market near my home in the San Pablo. The meat in the tortas and tacos is a step above because it is fresh from the carneceria. I’m hoping this might also be the case for the food at La Gallinita.

While I’ll probably just get what looks good, I’d appreciate knowing if there is something special to look out for ... or avoid.

The article also has some good info about other Bay Area ‘soulful’ carnecerias ...

- Carniceria Michoacana (inside Mi Pueblo market), Oakland
- Hernandez Meat Market , Oakland
- Latino Market, Napa
- Los Chavez Supermarket, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Hayward & Sunnyvale

Belmar-La Gallinita Meat Mrkt
2989 24TH St
San Francisco, CA 94110-4133
(415) 826-4600

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  1. re:La Gallinita
    I know they sell tacos on Fri/Sat/Sunday, but I dunno
    about other items/other days.

    One of their salsas is insanely hot!

    I usually go to TAQUERIA VALLARTA just up [west] the street.
    BTW, anybody know what happened to the dood who used to make
    the tacos out front on the sidewalk/doorway?