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Aug 28, 2006 10:09 PM

Dining out - Seeking specialty steaks

Not the standard steakhouse stuff (though if any of these were found in a steakhouse, that would be swell). I'm looking for great skirt steak, great hanger steak, marinated steaks, Argentinean steak with chimichurri sauce, Italy's tagliata (Steak marinated in rosemary and olive oil, served on top of arugula, with lemon squeezed on top of the hot steak to make instant vinaigrette)... you get the idea.

I've already tried Carlito Gardel (disappointing, but the garlic fries were great); Drago's tagliata was not a high point of an otherwise excellent meal. And I'm not seeking porterhouse suggestions (although I do love the salt-crusted off-menu steak at Table 8). Looking forward to hearing from the 'hounds.

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  1. i think the best steak in town is at Cut right now. but that doesn't sound like it fits your description above.

    perhaps try:

    -bistecca fiorentina at osteria angelini
    -marinated skirt steak at border grill (i can't stop ordering this there, served with avocado, salsa cruda, and freshly made flour tortillas)
    -korean bbq for marinated galbi or bul golgi at chosun galbi or park bbq (or woo lae oak for a more americanized setting)

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    1. re: revets2

      I agree re: Cut - that's already on my short list - but I wanted to find some others, too.

      1. re: revets2

        And now you've inspired me to check out Ciudad... will report back.

        1. re: Dana Harris

          fyi...i know ciudad is in the same family as border grill, but the skirt at ciudad does nothing for me. if you go to ciudad, try the gaucho steak. it was on the border menu for years and it's very good. the recipe is also in their cookbook and we make it at home all the time.

          good luck and happy mooing!

          1. re: revets2

            Hi, revets. We tried skirt and the gaucho last night, and we both preferred the skirt. Even with the roasted jalapeno stuffing and the chiichurri sauce (the sauce was great, btw), the skirt steak was more flavorful. As my husband noted, it was a lot like the steak-and-eggs he gets at our local Mexican breakfast joint, La Parilla.

            1. re: Dana Harris

              thanks for the report back. very helpful.

              question: which was like la parilla? the skirt or the gaucho?

      2. Beacon does a hangar steak that others have raved about -- I found it so-so and not as good as some other items on the menu.

        1. Curious as to why you found Carlito Gardel's steaks disappointing...

          1. Your best bet is to try Ethnic restaurants, specifically Mexican. A lot of the customers grew up with the special flavor grass feeding imparts and is therefore their taste of choice.

            Once again the ethnic diversity of Los Angeles serves us well.

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            1. Hi, Liquid - Carlito was a bummer on a few counts. The steaks had no particular flavor (and the skirt steak was tough enough to suggest it hadn't seen a marinade). The chimichurri sauce was quite oily; it seemed to be made from a bland oil, chopped curly parsley and garlic. The space also has a dingy mausoleum feel (at least in daylight - we went for lunch), although I probably would have found that charming if the food was better.