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Aug 28, 2006 09:39 PM

Visiting SF Soon Want Suggestions

Been to SF a numbe of times but not recently. If someone was coming to Denver I could give you the names of several extremely good unheralded restaurants. Would love some names in SF. We eat in great restaurants both here and NYC, so would love some different ideas than typically posted in the mags... Thanks.

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  1. Names of "good unheralded restaurants"? You might skim down the past couple of weeks of posts, as a lot of visitors have been coming to town.

    1. Like Jefferson said, we're at the height of the tourist season so that question has been asked and answered quite a few times recently.

      Regarding "good unheralded restaurants", there are very few, if any, in this town since the SF eating scene has plenty of mainstream media coverage, not to mention foodie blogs & websites (like this one). Certainly there are plenty of restaurants that some people think are "underrated" and "overrated" but that's a whole 'nuther show as Alton says.

      1. Probably right, sigh.........................

        1. sigh, and to quote Jefferson............. thanks

          1. Read some of the recent topics, particularly the long ones advising visitors, and then post a tenative list for feedback.