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Aug 28, 2006 09:17 PM

Restaurant Choices For Pellegrino 'Dine-Out' In September?

My wife and I are planning to participate in the 5th annual Pellegrino 'Dine Out' this September; $1.00 from each meal goes to the Share Our Strength program to end childhood hunger.

Among the participating restaurants in the L.A. area are:

Grill on the Alley/Grill on Hollywood
Chaya Brasserie
Engine No. 28
Il Moro
Locanda Veneta
Pasina Trattoria
Thousand Cranes
Vert by Wolfgang Puck
Windows Steaks and Martinis
Xiomara on Melrose
Vito Restaurant
Chaya Venice
Cafe Med

We've been to Norman's, Locanda Veneta, Michaels, and Il Moro. If you fellow 'hounds had to pick one from this list that we've not been to, which would it be, and why? Recommendations, please, and thanks!

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  1. Mine is more like an "un"-recommendation--went to Crustacean for this promotion last year and both food and service were truly terrible. Do not recommend.

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    1. re: Nicole

      now that is quite unsurpising. hehe

      bacnk on topic:
      i plan on partaking at the following restaurants:

      - lucques
      - norman's
      - michael's
      - vicente

    2. Chaya Brasserie: Good place for drinks and happy hour (lychee martini!). I like the atmosphere, but it can get quite loud. Food is o-kay - nothing to really write home about, but decent.

      Norman's: LOVE this place. A jewel in hollywood. I can't really describe the genre of the food, but it always pleases.

      Thousand Cranes: Haven't eaten dinner there, but the garden is a quiet, romantic surprise in the middle of downtown.

      TRAXX: LOVE it. Wonderful service and food, though you might want to tell them to lay off the oil for the sea bass. Great desserts and service.

      Vert by Wolfgang Puck: I've heard the place revamped the menu.

      Windows Steaks and Martinis: Went there for a banquet. Food is not overwhelming, but the view is stunning.