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Aug 28, 2006 09:16 PM

Fabulous Food in Vegas...

I am going to Vegas, actually twice, in the next month. The first trip is with 3 girlfriends for one of their 40th birthdays. We are all pretty casual (arent terribly comfy dressing up) but are looking for one step up from casual for her big birthday dinner. We would love to find some suggestions for great food, great atmosphere, not terribly expensive ($20-$30 per entree at the most) and above all, they wont kick us out if we arent dressed to the 9's.

Also, i'll be going with my foodie husband for a conference and would love to find some great places to eat. We'll be staying (both times) at the Bellagio and wont have a car.

Looking forward to hearing your picks!

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  1. If you love a great steak, try Delmonico, Emeril's top-notch steakhouse in the Venetian. I'd rank it up there as one of the best steaks I've ever had. Nice atmosphere, not at all stuffy or pretentious. A little pricey, but definitely worth it.

    1. If you're up for a taxi ride, head over to Rosemary's for dinner. Totally fits the bill--step up from casual but not snooty plus the food is so worth the price. We were seriously considering Rosemary's for our friend's 40th but decided to hang on the Strip instead--it'll have to wait for another trip!

      1. I would think Delmonico's would be over budget. The cab fare to Rosemary's will set you back approximately $40 roundtrip plus gratuity, but on Wednesday's they do run a Ladies Night special. All women receive 50% off the food portion of their bill and all night happy hour pricing in the lounge.

        One better option is going to Commander's Palace for the weekday $18.80 3-course lunch. You will also qualify for the 25 cent martinis that are being offered. From their website:

        "Yes! It is true. We offer 25 cent martinis for lunch.
        It is not a gimmick. It is not brown label vodka; they
        are big Smirnoff Vodka martinis. Choose your flavor!
        They are the same martinis that cost $8-$10 during
        dinner and brunch. These are only available for our
        Martini Lunch, Monday-Friday, 11:30am-2:00pm."

        Here is a link to this week's $18.80 lunch menu - try not drool:

        Another fun option is to go to the Fashion Show Mall at happy hour. This one’s amazing. Three high-profile restaurants run concurrent happy hours Monday-Friday. Since the restaurants—Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! (Spanish), Maggiano’s (Italian), and Ra (sushi)—are next door to each other (Maggiano’s is upstairs), you can hit them all in the three-hour time span (from 4 to 7 pm). Cafe Ba Ba Reeba features 1/2 priced Sangria and a selection of $3 appetizers at the bar. Maggiano's has $2 pizza and RA offers amazing prices on hot sake. Maggiano’s happy hour ends at 6:30, so start there if you want to complete the triple play.

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          Avoid Ra at all costs. I have been to one of their Phoenix locations and was incredibly underwhelmed.

        2. Another thought would be the Triple George, which is downtown; so it would involve a cab ride, but it's a very fun place, wtih good food and reasonable prices. It also has an excellent bar and happy hour, and there is a bar/club next door, Celebrity, which has a good happy hour and a wide collection of cocktails...

          1. I enjoyed the restaurants and even the buffet at the Paris (second to the Bellagio and Rio). I had a family Thanksgiving dinner there and I enjoyed it pretty much. The restaurants at the Bellagio are good too but that may go over your budget. I heard the Stratosphere restaurant is good but never tried it. Note, the clientel at is not the same as the Bellagio but you are going to the restaurant anyway.